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GSCS Statement on Black Lives Matter
In the wake of the recent murder of George Floyd and the many historical and present-day acts of violence against Black men and women, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of Black Lives Matter and all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those tragedies...'
2-24-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ Budget 2022: Murphy says NJ will spend big...' Chalkbeat--As Newark schools prepare to reopen, teachers union wants COVID-19 testing for students...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--Cherry Hill School District becomes first in N.J. to mandate African American history course for graduation...'

Insider NJ--Ruiz Applauds Increased Funding for Education...'

Asbury Park Press--State moves to fix lax school bus safety system with industry czar post, other action...'

Education Week--Fauci’s Latest on Vaccines for Young Kids: Not Likely This Year...'

Education Dive--Ed Dept: States must assess students, but with flexibilities...'

2-23-21 Education in the News
Chalkbeat--Schools must still give standardized tests this year, Biden administration says...' Star Ledger--Parents rally for return to in-person learning as group sues N.J. district...'

Star Ledger--No criminal charges for man who posted it was ‘time for physical violence’ against school officials...'

Press of Atlantic City--Legislators push bill for K-12 regionalization, countywide school districts...'

Washington Post--Education Department offers flexibility, but not a way out, for spring testing...'

NPR--Guards, Generosity, Patience: A Volunteer Effort To Vaccinate Public School Workers...'

Education Week--Teachers Are Stressed Out, and It’s Causing Some to Quit...'

Education Dive--EL assessment challenges remain despite testing flexibilities...'

2-22-21 Education in the News
Star Ledger--N.J. using $105M in coronavirus relief to help students struggling with learning, mental health during pandemic...' NJ Spotlight--What’s the official NJ vaccination timeline? Depends on who’s talking, Murphy or Persichilli...'

Star Ledger--N.J. school standardized testing should be waived this year due to COVID, state tells feds...'

South Jersey Times--Autism families are left behind most in pandemic    Opinion...'

Star Ledger--Time to lead on learning loss    Editorial...'

Education Week--Is Lunchtime the ‘Weak Link’ in School Reopening Plans?...'

NPR--Guards, Generosity, Patience: A Volunteer Effort To Vaccinate Public School Workers...'

Chalkbeat--Stop calling this generation ‘lost.’ It’s hurtful — and it’s wrong....'

Edutopia--4 Tips for a Successful Self-Contained Classroom...'

2-19-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ students resilient in pandemic, but some show signs of mental health stress It’s the latest survey of school board members, administrators and educators on pandemic’s effects...'

Education Week--What the CDC Guidelines Don’t Say About Classroom Ventilation and COVID-19 Spread...'

Chalkbeat--Polls show most — though not all — parents are getting the type of instruction they want for their kids...'

Edutopia--Recognizing Signs of Potential Learning Disabilities in Preschool...'

The Hechinger Report--The ‘invisible’ front line workers of education...'

Education Dive--Study: Increased internet access improves achievement, district finances...'

2-18-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Reopen schools? Here’s the CDC guidance...' NPR--Biden Says He Wants Most K-8 Schools Open 5 Days A Week By His First 100 Days...'

Star Ledger--Reopen schools? N.J. schools are already open.    Opinion...'

Chalkbeat--Without a clear picture of pandemic learning loss, N.J. looks ahead to academic recovery...'

NY Times--Protesters Urged Defunding the Police. Schools in Big Cities Are Doing It...'

The Atlantic—Why did we ever send sick kids to school?...'

Education Week--What Educators Should Know About Digital Self-Harm During Hybrid and Remote Learning...'

Education Dive--Proactive approaches help districts avoid COVID-19 special ed litigation...'

2-17-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ’s home rule seems set to trump CDC guidance on school reopening...' Education Week--Top-Tier Principals Spark Big Gains in Student Learning. A New Study Shows How Much...'

Chalkbeat--Nobody knows what a social worker does. That is hurting our students...'

Education Dive--Changing sports guidelines leave districts mulling options...'

2-16-21 Education in the News
NY Times--C.D.C. Draws Up a Blueprint for Reopening Schools...' Star Ledger--In-person schooling can be done safely, without teacher vaccinations, CDC says...'

Chalkbeat--New Jersey delays state tests, giving officials time to ‘explore all options’...'

NJ Spotlight--Second wave of deadly post-COVID-19 illness targets kids in NJ...'

The Record--Time is running out to vaccinate teachers and reopen schools, Montclair leaders say...'

NPR--To Play, Or Not To Play: Schools Wrestle With CDC's Athletics Recommendations...'

Education Week-- Miguel Cardona Takes Key Step Forward in Drama-Free Senate Committee Vote...'

Education Dive--What's behind The 1619 Project controversy?...'

The Hechinger Report--How much will it take to reopen, catch up kids, and save public schooling long term?...'

The Hechinger Report--To test or not to test? Educators weigh the value of standardized testing during a pandemic...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Resuming universal standardized testing in America’s public schools would be ‘foolhardy'...'

2-12-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Training next-generation NJ pediatricians to address effects of childhood trauma...' Star Ledger--Most N.J. schools remain on ‘high’ COVID alert, but 2 regions drop to ’moderate’ for the first time in weeks...'

Inquirer--A debate in the Philly suburbs on bringing more students back to classrooms is ‘as political as the presidential election’...'

NY Times--Biden Trims Ambitions on School Reopening Pledge...'

Washington Post--My great-grandmother Ida B. Wells left a legacy of activism in education. We need that now...'

The Atlantic--How W. E. B. Du Bois Changed Black Childhood in America...'

Education Dive--How are schools remaining IDEA compliant during COVID-19?...'

Edutopia--Schools, Not Teachers, Must Reduce Stress and Burnout—Here’s How...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Resuming universal standardized testing in America’s public schools would be ‘foolhardy’...'

2-11-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Pleas for Murphy administration to show greater urgency over pandemic’s toll on learning...' Education Week--Is Biden Lowering the Bar for What ‘Reopening Schools’ Means?...'

Education Dive--Districts brace for pandemic-related special ed litigation...'

Edutopia--Takeaways From Distance Learning...'

2-10-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Vaccine Q&A: How can I get an appointment? Why are smokers prioritized?...' Star Ledger--N.J. school leaders push state to cancel standardized testing...'

Press of Atlantic City—Our View: Standardized tests needed to help students hurt by school closings...'

NY Times--What Can We Learn From Where the Schools Stayed Open?...'

Education Week--1 in 5 Educators Have Been Vaccinated, NEA Survey Finds...'

Education Dive--Study: Test cuts in-school COVID-19 infections up to 50%, challenges remain...'

Edutopia--Teaching the Concept of Equity Through Gardening...'

Testimony--Christine Burton--Leaning Loss 2-9-21
Testimony Before the Joint Committee on Public Schools...'
2-9-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Why New Jersey schools would be ideal COVID-19 vaccination sites...'
Star Ledger--Give vaccine priority to this group of N.J. teachers    Letters...'

StarLedger--Are kids Googling self-harm on school laptops? N.J. districts using software to monitor...'

Insider NJ--For the Sake of Students, Cancel the Standardized Tests...'

NPR--Teachers Knock On Doors Looking For Students Who've Disappeared From Online Learning...'

NPR--Education Dept. Launches First Federal Effort To Track School Reopening...'

NPR--Should Schools Reopen If Teachers Aren't Yet Vaccinated? CDC Will Soon Weigh In...'

Education Week--‘We’re Not Being Taken Care of': Many Teachers Still Ineligible for Vaccines...'

Chalkbeat--Billions for learning loss: How Joe Biden’s stimulus plan would work...'

2-8-21 Education in the News
Chalkbeat (via NJ Spotlight)--No Fs allowed: Some Newark high school teachers feel pressure to pass absent students during pandemic...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Crafting smarter, more equitable gifted-and-talented program for NJ students...'

NY Times--The Union Leader Who Says She Can Get Teachers Back in Schools...'

NY Times--Summer School Is a Hot Idea Right Now. Could It Work?...'

NPR--Biden Administration Proposes $130 Billion To Help Schools Reopen...'

NPR--Keep Schools Open All Summer, And Other Bold Ideas To Help Kids Catch Up...'

Edutopia--The Camera-On/Camera-Off Dilemma...'

2-5-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--In ‘open letter,’ NJ’s top education groups offer vision of school after COVID-19...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Post-pandemic education, getting beyond worries about ‘learning loss’...'

South Jersey Times--Uncharted territory for N.J. schools’ snow-day dilemma    Editorial...'

NPR--Teachers Union Head: Examples Of Success And Trust Key To Reopening Schools...'

Education Week--CDC Director: Teacher Vaccinations Are Not a Prerequisite for Reopening Schools...'

Education Dive--Ed Dept: Schools can't exit identification statuses in 2020-21...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Singing in the parking lot, and other pandemic strategies for music students...'

2-4-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--At confirmation hearing, likely education secretary touches on state testing...' Star Ledger--N.J. digital divide down to 400 students who don’t have access to a computer or internet connection, Murphy says...'

Star Ledger-- New Jersey Supreme Court rules Jersey City teachers can be paid for full-time union work...'

The Record--Black History Month: NJ Black community leaders share influential books that spoke to them...'

Press of Atlantic City—Education advocacy group urging Governor to apply for Federal testing waiver...'

NY Times--Where Are U.S. Teachers Ineligible to Be Vaccinated?...'

Education Week--Pressure Builds on Schools to Reopen During Pandemic...'

Education Week--Miguel Cardona Pressed by Lawmakers on Tests, Reopening Schools, and Transgender Students...'

Chalkbeat--In confirmation hearing, Cardona says he’ll work to reopen schools. But how hard will he push?...'

Chalkbeat--Cardona: Testing is important, but ‘I don’t think we need to be bringing students in just to test them’...'

Education Dive--4 questions to ask when committing to equity and anti-racism in schools...'

2-3-21 Education in the NewsNPR--Education Pick Miguel Cardona Is New To Washington — But Not To Classrooms
NPR--Education Pick Miguel Cardona Is New To Washington — But Not To Classrooms...' Education Week--Should Educators, Board Members Be Disciplined for Supporting Anti-Democratic Beliefs?...'

Chalkbeat--The CDC released two new studies of COVID school safety. Here’s what they find...'

The Hechinger Report--Advocates hope pandemic shift away from requiring SAT and ACT will help diversity...'

2-2-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ education leaders pushing for federal waiver of school testing requirements...' Star Ledger--Picking a college is hard. Now, N.J. kids have to decide without stepping foot on campus...'

NY Times--Missing in School Reopening Plans: Black Families’ Trust...'

NPR--Educators Consider Extending School Schedule Into The Summer...'

Education Week--Black History Is About More Than Oppression...'

Education Week--Should Educators, Board Members Be Disciplined for Supporting Anti-Democratic Beliefs?...'

Chalkbeat--How Miguel Cardona pushed for school reopening and kept strong relationships with teachers unions...'

Education Dive--Attention to K-12 cybersecurity grows in nearly 100 bills introduced in 2020...'

The Hechinger Report--If schools don’t overhaul discipline, ‘teachers will still be calling the police on our Black students’...'

2-1-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Battle over NJ funding for schools in poorest districts is back in court. Yet again...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Emergency. Our elected officials must reexamine the school funding formula...'

NJ Spotlight--New ‘bridge year’ program aims to help NJ students get back on track...'

Insider NJ--Norcross, Education Leaders Introduce Bills to Reopen and Rebuild America’s Schools, Save Education Jobs, and Recover Lost Time in the Classroom...'

NY Times—Op Ed:Children Need to Be Back in School Tomorrow...'

Washington Post—More States Seek Waivers From Standardized Tests as Biden’s Education Department Extends Deadlines for Tests...'

Education Week--Did Closing Schools Save Lives Or Cost Lives? The Debate Continues...'

Education Week--Anthony Fauci: ‘Get Teachers Vaccinated as Quickly as We Possibly Can’...'

Chalkbeat--More young students are headed back to classrooms. Will high schoolers join them?...'

Education Dive--A year into COVID-19, school leaders are still adapting as uncertainty persists...'

Edutopia--A Fuller Picture of What a ‘Good’ School Is...'

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The Special Education Task Force Report was released  in November 2015. GSCS, a Task Force member,  looks forward to discussion on this important topic under the Murphy administration.  See below for a link to the report.

Final Report of NJ Task Force on Improving Special Education for Public School Students


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