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Virtual Meeting Calendar for 2021-2022
All Meetings, starting in September 2021...'
GSCS Statement Condemning Violence Motivated by Race, Ethnicity or Sexual Orientation
In the wake of the recent murder of George Floyd and the many historical and present-day acts of violence against Black men and women, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of Black Lives Matter and all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those tragedies...'
1-28-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--As student stress grows, so does pressure on teachers...'
Star Ledger--On COVID learning loss, the state has been largely absent. What can parents do?    A Q&A...'

Chalkbeat--Cardona to educators: ‘I know you’re stretched’...'

The Atlantic--America Is Desperate for Substitute Teachers...'

NPR--After two years, growing calls to take masks off children in school...'

Education Week--‘Holocaust Education Is Just a Jewish Concern,’ and Other Misconceptions...'

Education Dive--Policy experts: Funding, support for teacher prep programs critical to fix shortages...'

1-27-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Teaching AAPI history is critical to combating racism, advocates say...' Most N.J. teachers have been vaccinated, three months since Gov. Murphy's mandate...'

Education Week--Why School Leaders Are Sweating the Deadline for Spending COVID Relief Funds...'

Chalkbeat--I teach U.S. history. We can trust our kids to hear hard things...'

Education Dive--Shifting trends could influence funding impacted by student counts...'

Edutopia--How to Support Girls in Forming a Positive Math Identity...'

1-26-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--While some tire of COVID-19, cases — and deaths — in children rise Unable to be vaccinated, young children are at greater risk of omicron. Deaths here and across the country are on the rise...'

ABC News--No more pencils and a shorter test: SAT to go completely digital by 2024...'

Asbury Park Press--Jersey Shore schools win lawsuit against NJ; state must hand over data...'

Education Week--Stress, Hypervigilance, and Decision Fatigue: Teaching During Omicron And, no, “self care” isn’t the answer...'

Amid soaring mental health needs, Newark schools ramp up services with help from partners...'

Education Dive--With K-12 cyberattacks expected to worsen in 2022, what can districts do?...'

1-25-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Long delayed, racial desegregation lawsuit gets start date...' Asbury Park Press--Here's the updated NJ school guidance for non-boosted students, staff exposed to COVID...'

ChalkbeatStudy: Common school ratings biased, often inaccurate...'

Education Dive--Collaboration key to stemming school staff shortages...'

The Hechinger Report--COLUMN: Helping middle schoolers think about a future beyond the pandemic...'

1-24-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ is second state to require teaching of Asian American history in K-12 schools New law also mandates the teaching of Pacific Islander history...'

Star Ledger--Should some N.J. school districts merge? The state is offering money to find out...'

NY Times--Back to School, but Still Learning Online Federal stimulus dollars are dedicated to helping students recover from virtual schooling. Many districts are spending some of that money on virtual tutoring...'

NPR--Los Angeles school district tells students to upgrade from cloth masks...'

Education Week--Miguel Cardona Came in as a Teacher Champion. Has COVID Muted His Message?...'

Chalkbeat--Graduation rates dip across U.S. as pandemic stalls progress...'

Education Dive--Study: Anti-CRT campaigns impact districts with 35% of nation's students...'

The Hechinger Report--Some kids have returned to in-person learning only to be kicked right back out...'

1-21-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--N.J. could still drop school mask rules later this year, Murphy said. ‘I think there’s a real shot.’...' NY Times--Back to School, but Still Learning Online...'

NY Times--Some states in the U.S. are taking desperate measures to avoid closing schools...'

Education Week--Communications Expert Explains: How to Talk to Parents About COVID Vaccination...'

Education Dive--States easing substitute teaching requirements to soften shortage impacts...'

The Hechinger Report--Some kids have returned to in-person learning only to be kicked right back out...'

1-20-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Retired N.J. teachers can go back to work while collecting pension under new law...' Star Ledger--Gov. Murphy signs bills to recognize Asian Americans in N.J.’s K-12 curriculum...'

NY Times--Answers to Your Questions About School and the Pandemic...'

Washington Post--Parent-activists, seeking control over education, are taking over school boards...'

Education Week--Revising America’s Racist Past...'

Education Dive--How de-escalation strategies can reduce disruptive classroom behaviors...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: Combining remote and in-person learning led to chaos, study finds...'

1-19-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--When can N.J. kids return to school after being exposed to COVID? It’s confusing. Here’s why...' Star Ledger--Rate of staff COVID cases in N.J. schools drops for the 1st time since October...'

The Record—New Jersey becomes second state to require AAPI studies...'

Insider NJ--Educational Services Commission of New Jersey: More than Half of New Jersey School Districts Saving Millions Through Cooperative Purchasing of High-Speed Internet Access...'

Education Week--Grief Has Engulfed the Learning Environment. Here’s What Can Help A field guide to grief-responsive teaching...'

The Hechinger Report--The other angry parents: What a new ‘parents union’ is demanding (it has nothing to do with CRT)...'

1-18-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Most N.J. schools that went virtual to resume in-person learning next week...' NJ Spotlight--How will Scutari make his mark on one of state’s most powerful positions?...'

NPR--Lawmakers are rewriting rules as schools grapple with teacher shortages...'

Education Week--Pivoting to Remote Learning: Why It Is Harder in Some States Than Others...'

Education Dive--SCOTUS blocks Biden vaccine mandate, relieving districts of compliance...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: Combining remote and in-person learning led to chaos, study finds...'

1-14-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--As COVID continues to impact HS sports, NJSIAA amends rules for winter season...' Asbury Park Press—NJ desegregation lawsuit could change your child’s life...'

Education Week--Threats of Student Violence and Misbehavior Are Rising, Many School Leaders Report...'

Education Dive--SCOTUS blocks Biden vaccine mandate, relieving districts of compliance...'

1-13-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--N.J. schools can shorten COVID quarantines to 5 days, new guidelines say...' NPR--Go back to school and ditch weekly testing: The advice from one children's hospital...'

MyCentralJersey.com—School transportation safety office awaits Murphy approval...'

Education Week--Teachers’ COVID Sick Leave, Explained...'

Education Dive--Schools expand credit recovery to keep students on track for graduation...'

1-12-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ gets new COVID-19 emergency Murphy order comes after Democrats balk at extending powers...'

Star Ledger--School staff COVID cases quadrupled over winter break. These 11 counties are being hit the hardest...'

Asbury Park Press--NJ hides info on how state school aid formula is figured, Shore districts tell judge...'

NY Times--Why Coronavirus Testing Is Falling Short in Many Schools Across the U.S...'

Washington Post--Getting education reform right Market-based reforms aren’t working, the author argues. Here’s what does...'

The Atlantic—America’s Approach to School Closures is Unusual...'

NPR--The White House will distribute 10 million more COVID tests per month to schools...'

Education Week--Thousands of School Websites Went Down in a Cyberattack. It’ll Happen Again, Experts Say...'

Education Dive--Districts get creative to maintain special ed services as COVID drags on...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Too many students just aren’t interested in what is being taught It’s time for schools to make classrooms more relevant and inclusive...'

1-11-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Dems just say no to Murphy mask mandates Lawmakers rebuff request to extend COVID-19 emergency powers. Murphy says deal may come soon...'

Star Ledger--Mask mandates in schools and daycares will continue in N.J., Murphy says...'

Star Ledger--Retired N.J. teachers could return to the classroom under legislation headed to Murphy’s desk...'

NPR--Caroline thought her daughter was doing OK with home learning. Then she got a note...'

Education Week--Some Teachers Are Running Out of Sick Days, and Administrators Are Hesitant to Help...'

Chalkbeat--Schools already had a fragile grasp on stability. Then omicron hit...'

1-10-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--N.J. schools should require vaccines for sports and clubs, guidelines say. But some districts won’t comply...' Star Ledger--Many school districts extend virtual learning another week due to COVID. Here’s the growing list...'

The Record—New Jersey has a shortage of substitute teachers. Here’s what we know...'

Education Week--Omicron Is Making a Mess of Instruction, Even Where Schools Are Open..."

1-7-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Why NJ towns and school districts still pay too much for health coverage...' Star Ledger--Order N.J. schools to reopen for special ed students after ‘inexcusable’ COVID closures, parents tell judge...'

Star Ledger--N.J.’s COVID map has turned all red, meaning ‘very high’ virus spread in all 21 counties...'

The Record--Experts call state of NJ education during COVID pandemic 'heartbreaking' at hearing...'

Insider NJ--NJEA: Failure to Extend School Mask Mandate is Educational Malpractice...'

NPR--What it really takes to keep schools open during the omicron surge...'

Education Week--Why School Counselors of Color Matter More Than Ever...'

Chalkbeat--Omicron upended school this week. Here’s what you need to know about the latest disruptions...'

Edutopia--The Many Benefits of Strengths-Based IEPs Individualized education programs that focus on learner competencies enhance student growth and increase parental involvement...'

The Hechinger Report--Who wants to lead America’s school districts? Anyone? Anyone?...'

1-5-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Pandemic education: The only certainty is uncertainty The Murphy administration and many educators and parents think the best place for kids is in school. But who makes the call — especially with test kits in short supply?...'

NJ Spotlight--NJ could allow retired teachers to return to work amid staff shortages...'

Star Ledger--My kids were exposed to COVID. Am I supposed to keep them home from school?...'

Star Ledger--COVID is pounding HS sports again. Schools are enacting restrictions and more...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--How ‘cultural Marxism’ and ‘critical race theory’ became dangerously misunderstood    The Grammarian...'

NY Times--‘Insurmountable’: Parents Grapple With Omicron’s Upending Force in Schools...'

NPR--Officials are determined to keep schools open, despite omicron...'

Education Week--For Anxious Teachers, Omicron ‘Feels Like Walking Into a Trap’...'

Education Dive--8 K-12 trends to watch in 2022...'

1-4-22 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Some schools go virtual as omicron continues to surge...' Star Ledger--Kids in N.J. schools may have to continue to wear masks as Murphy seeks to extend mandate...'

The Record--NJ schools may use 'test-to-stay' option to keep unvaccinated students in class...'

Insider NJ--Stanley & Carter Bill to Extend Period for Filing Special Education Due Process Petitions Related to COVID-19 Pandemic Clears Assembly Committee...'

NY Times--Insurmountable’: Parents Grapple With Omicron’s Upending Force in Schools...'

NPR--Teachers are on the front lines in Jan. 6 culture war...'

1-3-22 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Will N.J. schools bring back remote learning option for families scared to send kids back into classrooms?...' Star Ledger--Schools can’t go virtual due to snow. But some educators want to change that...'

The Record--NJ kids say they're stressed out. Crisis Text Line puts help right on their smartphones...'

The Hechinger Report--Long disparaged, education for the skilled trades is slowly coming into fashion...'

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