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Executive Director

Elisabeth (Betsy) Ginsburg

As Executive Director of the Garden State Coalition of Schools, Betsy Ginsburg represents nearly 100 New Jersey school districts and their communities in a statewide, grassroots, volunteer-based association. Over 300,000 public school students are supported by GSCS advocacy via their districts’ membership in the Coalition. Since its inception 1n 1992, the organization has combined nimble, effective advocacy with a lean administrative structure, employing only one full-time staff member.  A longtime GSCS trustee and Executive Board member, Betsy took over the Executive Director’s position from Founding Executive Director, Lynne Strickland, in April 2016.

GSCS member districts range in location from Camden to Bergen Counties and in wealth from District Factor Grouping (DFG) from “CD” to “J.” The common denominator is a dedication to equitable funding and quality education programs for all of New Jersey’s children.

As spokesperson for GSCS, Betsy leads public awareness campaigns on the issues, seeking to educate GSCS members, the public at large and Trenton decision makers on pending education and school finance issues. She is a regular presence in the halls of the Statehouse, at the New Jersey Department of Education and at conferences and functions where education policy makers gather.  Working closely with the GSCS Board of Trustees, Betsy focuses on the coalition’s mission in Trenton, while remaining open and accessible to input and feedback from the school administrators, board members and parents who make up the GSCS membership.

GSCS’s personalized advocacy style, non-partisan nature and collaborative approach to policy-making have made it a valuable resource for impartial information and innovative thinking—all in the cause of strengthening state support for New Jersey public education.


Founding Executive Director

Lynne Strickland

Lynne Strickland was the Garden State Coalition’s first Executive Director, hired in 1992, when the group comprised 27 member districts.  During her twenty-four year tenure, the Coalition quadrupled in size, expanding into a unique combination of parents, board of education members and school administrators from around the state.

As the organization grew in numbers and influence, Lynne established a Trenton office and became recognized by school leaders, education advocates, the media, policy makers and elected officials for her knowledge of state level data and school finance analyses.

Lynne’s legacy, influence and unique voice remain an invaluable part of the organization’s present and future.