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GSCS EMAIL-NETS Newsletter Updates - Statehouse information, avocacy outreach, news and more

Link to selected copies of GSCS Email-Nets. . Copies of other Email-Nets may be obtained by contacting GSCS at gscs2000@gmail.com
 GSCS Email-Net Archive - Recent and Selected Posting 

GSCS EMAIL-NETS Newsletter Updates - Statehouse information, avocacy outreach, news and more

Link to selected copies of GSCS Email-Nets.Copies of other Email-Nets may be obtained by contacting GSCS at: gscs2000@gmail.com  
 Association for the Children of New Jersey   
 Education Law Center  Giving our kids a fighting chance.  
 Education Trust  Works for the high academic achievement of all students at all levels--kindergarten through college.  
 Education Week  Leading national daily publication on education issues  
 Education World  National website: multifaceted education information & ideas  
 Institute on Education Law & Policy at Rutgers-Newark  The Institute promotes education reform and improvement through research, policy, analysis and discussion.  
 Harvard Family Research Project  Harvard Family Research Project 3 Garden Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Tel: 617-495-9108 Fax: 617-495-8594 Email: hfrp@gse.harvard.edu http://www.hfrp.org  
 Legislative Information on the Internet  In the Spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of The Library of Congress  
 National Center for Education Statistics  The primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations.  
 National Education Association  Great public schools for every child.  
 National PTA  Every child. One voice.  
 New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership  The New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership, Inc. (NJEFP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public education in New Jersey by facilitating the development and effectiveness of local education foundations, through training, education, networking, collaboration, and advocacy.  
 Newsvoyager.com  National newspaper website: links for major newspapers in all 50 states.  
 NJ Constitutional Convention Task Force & Testimonies   
 NJ Democratic State Committee  NJ Democratic State Committee Website  
 NJ Department of Community Affairs - Tax Data  Division of Local Government Services  
 N J Department of Education   
 NJ Economic Development Authority  Find School Construction information here.  
 NJ Education Association  NJEA's Website  
 NJ High School Websites  Links to NJ High Schools  
 NJ Legislature  NJ State Legislature Website  
 NJ News: Print and Television  Links to NJ's Television, Daily Newspapers, Cartoons, Magazines, Columnists, and Editorials  
 NJ Principals and Supervisors Association  NJ Principals and Supervisors Association and the Foundation for Educational Administration.  
 NJ PTA   
 NJ School Boards Association  NJSBA Website  
 NJ State Board of Education   
 NJ State League of Municipalities  A voluntary association created to help communities do a better job of self-government through pooling information resources and brain power  
 NJ Republication State Committee  NJ Republication State Committee Website  
 NJ Supreme Court   
 N J United for Higher School Standards  New Jersey United for Higher School Standards is a statewide alliance of businesses, education, and non-profit organizations leveraging their strengths to help parents and educational stakeholders hold informed discussions about what students are expected to know and how they are tested.  
 Politicker NJ  Links to New Jersey's go-to website for political 'buzz'  
 PreSchool Information - United States   
 Standard & Poors National and State and School Data and Analyses   
 Transparency in Gov't - NJ Online Checkbook, posted on January 14 2009  "Transparency in Government: NJ Online Checkbook" - The NJ Online Checkbook is a searchable Web site accessible to the public at no cost. From the menu you can query seven years of summary financial data. As posted 1-14-10 by the Corzine Administration  
 U S Department of Education   

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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