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Garden State Coalition of Schools
Elisabeth Ginsburg, Executive Director
160 West State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08608

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GSCS Membership Questions - Read FAQ's

About Us:  Garden State Coalition of Schools


What Does GSCS Believe?

  • A permanent commitment to improving education without diminishing quality
  • A broad perspective that reflects the concerns of educators, lay leadership and communities and parents
  • Focused advocacy with expertise in school funding
  • A primary focus on the inter-related issues of academic achievement, educational practices and school finance
  • Continuing school programs that have led to high student achievement  

Who Belongs to GSCS?

  • GSCS is a statewide organization, its members spanning New Jersey from Camden County to Bergen County
  • Once considered primarily suburban, GSCS member districts have quintupled  (120 school districts today) since 1992 and now include districts with a range of financial resources.
  • Member districts represent approximatley 400,000 public school children.
  • Participants are a unique mix of parents, board of education members and superintendents who bring a broad perspective to GSCS initiatives.

How Is the Coalition Organized?

  • A 24-district Board of Trustees meets monthly. The Parent Network Coordinator is a voting member of the Board.
  • GSCS has only one paid staff person and is funded solely through member district dues.
  • Member districts join through a Board of Education resolution.  

What Makes GSCS Effective?


  • GSCS is led by a highly motivated, volunteer membership and is grass roots in its decision-making.
  • GSCS is tightly organized and able to gather and analyze information and make recommendations in a short time frame.
  • GSCS is the only statewide educational organization that serves parents, school administrators Board of Education members.
  • GSCS reaches out to work with education partners throughout  NJ.
  • GSCS maintains a presence in Trenton and is able to mobilize its statewide membership, bringing local educators, parents, and state legislators and policymakers together quickly.
  • GSCS is a leading advocate for public support of public education for all children, not just those in one socio-economic group.





Garden State Coalition of Schools/GSCS:   

Membership Information -  FAQs


  • Based on a fiscal year calendar. Annual fee payments should be made July1.
  • 2009-2010 Dues $1850 (Dues should be received within the month a district board of education strikes a resolution to join GSCS. Dues are prorated on monthly basis for districts joining later in the fiscal year.)  
  • Board of Education Resolution required for initial membership in GSCS.

Contact information:

  • GSCS communications (GSCS �EMAILNETS� and Parent Network newsletter �TGIF�) work through member districts� Central Office of the Superintendent. In turn the Superintendent�s office is requested to disseminate GSCS information to the board of education and the local board-designated parent liaison to the GSCS Parent Network on a regular and timely basis. Board members and parents may request to be added to the GSCS and Parent Network email lists directly as well (requests can be made to �gscs2000@gmail.com�.
  • Please ensure that your firewall does not rule out GSCS emails.
  • Names, addresses/email addresses/phone & fax numbers can be submitted to GSCS along with the PO/Voucher form or at a later date to Executive Directors Office, 210 West State Street Trenton, NJ 08608 or by email to gscs2000@gmail.com.
  • In addition to regular communication to GSCS member volunteers via email, GSCS has a website established at www.gscschools.org.


  • GSCS Board of Trustees meetings are held monthly throughout the school year, on the second Wednesday of the month (see GSCS website for meetings calendar). There are 24 districts that are elected to the GSCS Board of Trustees. Trustee districts are represented by their parent, board of education liaison, and school administrator. The GSCS Parent Network Coordinator has a seat on the Board of Trustees as well. Board meetings are open and GSCS member volunteers are always welcome to attend. Traditionally, GSCS holds an Annual Breakfast Meeting in late May or early June and an open house meeting at the New Jersey School Boards �Fall Workshop� in Atlantic City in October each year. GSCS also holds annual statewide summits on topics of member interest and concern, �Public Support for Public Education,� normally in the winter months.


  • GSCS welcomes invitations from members, county groups, education associations, public school interest groups, and various governmental and legislative agencies, among others.
  • GSCS specializes in grassroots advocacy and school finance issues.




Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608