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S1455 TEACHNJ ACT Tenure Reform bill - GSCS Testimony
Testifying together, favoring tenure reform in general, were Lynne Strickland, Executive Director GSCS, and Betsy Ginsburg GSCS Vice-President and President of Glen Ridge Board of Education. Click on More here for some excerpts from their testimony.

I am Elisabeth Ginsburg, president of the Glen Ridge Board of Education, a job I have held for past ten years.  I am also a Vice President of the Garden State Coalition of Schools.  “…New Jersey’s school districts are more than bureaucratic entities; they are educational ecosystems originally created by the New Jersey Legislature to educate all the state’s children.  Many of New Jersey’s districts function well, but some do not.  Unbalancing all of them, as S1455 currently proposes, will not improve any of them.  Common sense dictates that making one part of an educational ecosystem—in this case individual building principals—stronger than the other parts, necessarily makes those other parts—teachers, superintendents and local boards—weaker…” 


GSCS Lynne Strickland “…Mutual consent in Section 16 is an issue that raises a number of questions. In order to manage a school district well, there has to be a final point where the ‘buck’ stops. The superintendency, with the final vote of the board, has been that place, and it should remain in that role – at least in smaller districts – going forward. Confusion of who really in the boss does not serve a nexus well. In the end the student will suffer the conflict of the breakdown in effective decision-making. ..”

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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