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9-17-19 Education in the News

ABC News--Vapes spiked with illegal drugs show dark side of CBD craze

Jay Jenkins says he hesitated when a buddy suggested they vape CBD.

"It'll relax you," the friend assured.

The vapor that Jenkins inhaled didn't relax him. After two puffs, he ended up in a coma.

That's because the vapor he inhaled wasn't CBD, a natural compound that marketers say can treat a range of ailments without getting users high. Instead, the vape was spiked with a powerful, man-made street drug.


Holbrook Mohr, Associated Press| Sep 16, 2019, 1:25 AM ET


NJ Spotlight--NJ Vape Task Force Has Tight Deadline, Gets Down to Work

Panel will report on sales restrictions and state’s capacity to investigate health irregularities tied to e-cigarettes; new awareness campaign targets young people


Lilo H. Stainton | September 17, 2019


NJ Spotlight--STEM Teachers Could Get Up to $20K in College Loan Aid

Senate passes legislation to give STEM educators a hand with paying off existing student loans or help funding advanced degrees

State lawmakers want to provide a new incentive for New Jersey’s public-school STEM teachers by offering to help them pay off college loans.


 John Reitmeyer | September 17, 2019


Chalkbeat--Want better readers? Spend less time teaching kids to find the main idea, ‘Knowledge Gap’ author Natalie Wexler argues

In the average public elementary school, third graders spend nearly two hours a day on reading instruction, according to a recent federal survey. That far outstrips any other subject, with math coming in second at around 70 minutes a day, and science and social studies getting about half an hour a day each.


Matt Barnum| September 16, 2019



Education Dive--School districts deploy vaping sensors in e-cig crackdown

School districts in at least three states – Ohio, Illinois and New Jersey –have installed sensors to detect smoke from e-cigarettes. North Carolina could be next, as the state’s attorney general weighs the option of securing state funds to implement the technology, WCNC reports.


Natalie Gross| Sept. 16, 2019


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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