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8-6-19 Education in the News

Politics K-12 (Education Week)--Why a Fight Over Trump's Housing Policy Matters to School Segregation

School desegregation continues to make waves in the 2020 presidential campaign, particularly for two Democratic front-runners, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris of California. But a dispute between the Trump administration and some civil rights advocates over the federal Fair Housing Act illustrates the extent to which education segregation cuts across policy issues, and the challenges school integration advocates face at a national level that go way beyond debate-stage arguments over "busing."


Andrew Ujifusa on August 4, 2019 9:07 AM

Education Dive--PDK Poll: Most parents would support a teacher strike over school funding

This year's survey includes the views of public school teachers and covers topics such as religion, discipline and how schools are graded.

Teacher strikes may put parents at an inconvenience, but thatís not stopping them from saying they would support teachers in their communities from going on strike over salaries, school funding and having more say in education issues, according to this yearís Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Poll of the Publicís Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

Eighty-four percent of K-12 public school parents say they would support teachers for striking over school funding issues, compared to 58% of teachers who say they would vote to strike for this reason.


Linda Jacobson @lrj417| Aug. 5, 2019

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: The first step toward promoting women into education leadership? Stop paying men more

Gender pay gaps 'begin in the classroom and follow women to the principal's office'

Education is among the most female-dominated of professions.

Yet strikingly few women make it to the top role in Americaís state and district education systems. And along the path to leadership, they face a familiar and frustrating pay gap compared to their male colleagues.

Julia Rafal-Baer| August 5, 2019

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160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608