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8-19-19 Education in the News

South Jersey Times--Lunch shaming an odd course for desirable N.J. school district | Editorial

With a recent disclosure by Cherry Hill Township schools, it’s time for the state Department of Education to establish some statewide guidelines about how school systems should deal with lunch debt racked up by students’ families.

It’s a frustrating, nationwide phenomenon so pervasive that there’s a nickname for some remedies that school boards, principals and superintendents employ to collect these unpaid bills.


South Jersey Times Editorial Board| Posted Aug 18, 8:54 AM



Star Ledger—Op-Ed: Now that a study shows us how to protect children against adversity, let’s get to work

About 40% of children in New Jersey have experienced at least one Adverse Childhood Experience, according to a recent study that also shows that many of these experiences can be avoided or healed.

The study of ACES – Adverse Childhood Experiences – has gained a lot of attention as awareness of the negative long-term consequences of childhood trauma has increased. But it has been a concern for some time that the original 10 ACES excluded some areas of potentially damaging experiences, and that the information did not include how the damage can be mitigated and/or healed.


Nydia Monagas| Star-Ledger Guest Columnist| Posted Aug 16, 2019



Education Week--A Big Charter School Struggle Has Been Galvanized by a Democratic Governor

A battle over school choice in Pennsylvania is intensifying, in large part due to a governor who doesn't like his state's status quo. 

Back in June, we reported on Gov. Tom Wolf's decision to veto a bill expanding the state's tax-credit scholarship program and how, in doing so, the Democratic governor captured the mood of the national party's skepticism of choice. Just a few days ago, Wolf underscored the position he's staked out on the issue by calling for major changes to charter schools in the Keystone State. 

On Tuesday, the second-term governor directed his state department of education to determine a way to limit enrollment in "underperforming" charters (as the Associated Press put it). In addition, according to the AP, Wolf also "wants charter schools to meet stricter transparency, ethics, and financial management standards and to prevent them from overcharging public schools for their services." (The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials, which applauded Wolf's proposals, said that in the 2017-18 school year, state school districts provided $1.8 billion to charter schools.) 


Andrew Ujifusa on August 18, 2019 8:48 AM


Edutopia--8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips

New teachers—and experienced ones too—can find ideas here on how to stop disruptive behavior before it begins.

In the 1950s, psychologists Jacob Kounin and Paul Gump discovered a curious side effect of discipline: If a student was being disruptive and the teacher responded with strict disciplinary measures, the student might stop—but other students would start exhibiting the same misbehavior. Kounin and Gump called this the “ripple effect,” and it demonstrated that efforts to control a classroom can backfire.


Youki Terada| August 7, 2019



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