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7-16-19 Education in the News

Education Week--State Lawmakers Tackle Broad Basket of Issues on Parent Checklist

Safety, data privacy draw fresh attention

School security, the charter school sector, and student-data privacy were among the issues of interest to parents that drew significant attention from state lawmakers in this year's legislative sessions, the majority of which have now wrapped up for 2019.


Marva Hinton| June 18, 2019



Edutopia--6 Tips for Managing the Feedback Workload

Providing feedback is proven to increase student learning, and there are ways to make the work involved more manageable.

We know that giving students feedback works: In his meta-analysis, John Hattie found that it has an effect size of 0.7, which is beyond the “hinge point,” or average effect size, of 0.4—meaning that it has a significant effect on student learning.

However, giving feedback can be challenging, and it’s certainly a lot of work. We’ve all taken student assignments home over the weekend or stayed late after school grading papers. This may be necessary from time to time, but there are strategies we can use to reduce this workload by working smarter for our students.


Andrew Miller| July 3, 2019



The Hechinger Report--Rethinking school schedules to support innovation

Getting creative with class-period lengths and staffing plans can dramatically reduce class sizes and increase teacher collaboration time

Why do most middle schools have seven or eight periods of 45 to 60 minutes each? Why does lunch tend to last 45 minutes? In many places, it’s simply tradition.

Furman Brown, CEO and co-founder of Tegy (as in stra-tegy), is trying to get schools to rethink basic assumptions about scheduling, and in so doing, position themselves for more comprehensive educational innovations.


Tara García Mathewson| July 11, 2019


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608