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11-4-19 Education in the News

Star Ledger—Op-Ed--No girls were allowed. And that’s the problem, the boy says.

When a high school simulation of New Jersey government highlights gender exclusion of females, we’re in trouble. The ramifications reach beyond our state, to the effectiveness of our government and productivity of our entire country.


Tommy Colitsas| Star-Ledger Guest Columnist| Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


Star Ledger--Higher taxes or depressed kids? Should N.J. voters really have to choose?

Would you rather raise your own taxes or live in a community full of children who aren’t getting mental health services they need?

For voters in two New Jersey communities, this isn’t a rhetorical question.


Adam Clark | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com| Updated Nov 03, 9:01 AM;Posted Nov 03, 6:45 AM



Education Week--The Latino Teacher-Student Divide: 5 Steps to Close the Gap

Latino students are the largest ethnic group in U.S. public schools, representing 25 percent of the overall population.

Yet, Latinos make up only 9 percent of the nation's teaching corps.

While demographic gaps exist between all nonwhite student populations and teachers, the gap for Latinos is the largest, a new report from New America's Education Policy Program shows.


Corey Mitchell on November 1, 2019 1:10 PM


Education Dive--Standardized tests still a big factor in college admissions, report finds

That may not be the case in the future as gradually fewer administrators consider ACT and SAT scores amid a growing push to end the practice.

Despite aggressive campaigns from anti-testing activists to eliminate the SAT and ACT as factors in college admissions, a significant number of institutions still consider the standardized assessments to be an important metric in judging prospective students' academic potential, according to a report released this week.


Jeremy Bauer-Wolf @jbeowulf| Published Nov. 1, 2019



Edutopia--Assessing Social and Emotional Learning

A review of three types of SEL assessment, with suggestions for ways to collect and report student growth to families.

As more and more states adopt social and emotional learning (SEL) standards, there are more calls for SEL assessment. But the state of the field is unsettled: What we know about SEL intervention and theory derives from research studies that have used a wide variety of methods to assess SEL and related areas. Because the focus of these studies has been to build the research base, the assessments used in them were not necessarily designed for use in practice contexts. 

So the SEL field is at a bit of a crossroads—it is clearly a research-based field that does not have a clear paradigm for student assessment.


Maurice J. Elias| October 31, 2019


The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Separating gifted children hasn’t led to better achievement

The inherent dangers in telling students that their abilities are fixed

When New York City’s mayor began a move to revamp the program of selective schools last year, a public outcry ensued, and the issue has yet to be resolved.

Jo Boaler| November 4, 2019


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608