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9-14-18 Education in the News

Times of Trenton--Gov. Murphy's investing $10M to grow apprenticeships | Editorial

A non-profit organization working to improve the state's urban communities says it's found a key to economic prosperity in a tried-and-true labor arrangement that's been with us for generations.

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice sees apprenticeships as a way to build a skilled workforce while putting women and minorities on an even playing field with other job applicants.


Times of Trenton Editorial Board| Updated 6:23 AM; Posted 6:22 AM



Press of Atlantic City--Pediatric nurse offers tips to keep students happy and healthy

Classes are underway at school districts around the region, and parents may be wondering what they can do to ensure students get the most out of their days. The Press of Atlantic City spoke with Debra Westcott, a pediatric nurse practitioner for AtlantiCare in Atlantic City, about her top five tips to a healthy school year.


CLAIRE LOWE Staff Writer| September 14, 2018


NY Times--Quiz: Could You Get Into a Gifted Program?

Try your hand at the types of questions included on elementary school intelligence tests.

The role of intelligence and ability tests has been hotly debated in American education for a century. Supporters of the tests say they are a fair measure of cognitive ability. Critics of the tests say they are biased against children who have fewer books or educational games at home, or who have not attended quality preschool.




Education Week--Teen Vaping Has Hit 'Epidemic Proportions,' FDA Leader Says in Enforcement Call

Youth use of electronic cigarettes "has reached an epidemic proportion," the leader of the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday.

He gave the manufacturers of popular vaping devices, like Juul, 60 days to make plans to limit their sales to minors or risk seeing their products pulled from the market pending new regulations. He also announced new enforcement actions against retailers who sell the products.


Evie Blad on September 12, 2018 12:19 PM | No comments


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