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8-22-18 Education in the News

Press of Atlantic City--South Jersey counties rank below northern neighbors in child well-being

Big areas of improvement are needed in South Jersey counties on child well being if they are to ever catch up to their northern neighbors, new data shows.

Advocates for Children of New Jersey’s Kids Count County Rankings, released Tuesday, indicated that outcomes for children vary greatly depending on the zip code they live in. While efforts in South Jersey are making some headway, significant gaps remain.


NICOLE LEONARD Staff Writer| August 21, 2018


The Atlantic--Public Opinion Shifts in Favor of School Choice

In a new survey, a majority of respondents support the expansion of families’ education options. But specific programs such as vouchers remain polarizing.

The results of a new poll suggest that a majority of Americans now support the expansion of school choice for all families. With 54 percent of respondents saying they favor universal-choice policies—which typically come in the form of programs that let families use government money to pay for private schools—the findings released on Tuesday by the policy and opinion magazine Education Next indicate that the idea has enjoyed a substantial jump in popularity since last year, when just 45 percent of respondents said they supported such proposals.


Alia Wong| Aug 21, 2018


Education Week--What Counts as a School Shooting? The Answer to That Question Shapes Safety Debates

After shots rang out at a high school football game in Florida Friday night, law enforcement quickly concerned themselves with how the public characterized the event.

Evie Blad on August 20, 2018 4:44 PM

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608