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6-13-19 Education in the News

The Record—Bill Would Allow Some Districts to Run Child Care

Under pressure from businesses, a bill that would allow public school districts to operate child care centers has been scaled back.


Meghan Grant| June 11, 2019


Philadelphia Inquirer--Camden schools chief announces school slated to close will remain open thanks to $6 million in state aid

Camden schools Superintendent Katrina McCombs announced Wednesday that Veterans Memorial Family School, which had been set to close this month, will remain open for the 2019-2020 school year, thanks to a $6 million state bailout for the struggling school district.


Melanie Burney| Updated: June 12, 2019- 6:25 PM



NY Times--Bastion of Anti-Vaccine Fervor: Progressive Waldorf Schools

CHESTNUT RIDGE, N.Y. — The mother of an unvaccinated child here in the New York suburbs says eating papaya helps to combat measles. The father of another child who has not been immunized believes that big pharmaceutical companies are paying millions of dollars to doctors, government officials and even judges to bury the truth about vaccine complications.

Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura| June 13, 2019


Education Week--Money, Data, Security: The Biggest Challenges Facing K-12 Tech Leaders

The biggest challenges facing today’s K-12 technology leaders are no real mystery.

School technology chiefs are worried about cybersecurity. They have limited budgets, which have to be stretched to manage a flood of new devices, software, and apps. And they’re focused on how all that new technology and data can support schools’ bottom line: good classroom instruction.


Benjamin Herold | June 11, 2019



The Hechinger Report--The silence of school leaders on climate change

Some educators say school boards and education groups have a responsibility to speak out on climate inaction, but those calls aren’t always being well-received

Park Guthrie (upper left), founder of Schools for Climate Action, believes that government inaction on climate change is a form of child neglect and argues that educational organizations have a responsibility to press Congress to do something. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Guthrie

By the time wildfires tore through his home county of Sonoma, California, Park Guthrie was already convinced that the clock on the climate catastrophe was running out. In 2015, Guthrie, a sixth-grade teacher and father of three, had approached the superintendent of the school district where he worked, hopeful she would sign a resolution endorsing action on climate change. He says he got nowhere.


Caroline Preston| June 12, 2019


Education Dive--Teacher attrition demands new approaches to leadership, preparation

Experts say demanding rigorous preparation, building a career ladder, and facilitating teacher collaboration are some ways to address ongoing shortages and high turnover rates.


Naaz Modan| June 12, 2019

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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