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4-8-19 Education in the News

Star Ledger--It's Autism Awareness Month 2019. Here's a list of events to raise money, get involved in N.J.


Allison Pries | NJ.com for NJ Advance Media | Posted April 05, 2019 at 06:40 PM


Associated Press (via)Star Ledger--Should the SAT be optional? Bribery scandal renews debate

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — The most brazen abuses of standardized testing in the college bribery scandal could be chalked up to security lapses: the ringer hired to take the SAT, the proctors paid to look the other way, the accommodations for extra time obtained through false diagnoses of disabilities.

But the scheme in which wealthy parents allegedly bribed their children's way into top schools also has highlighted deeper concerns about the fairness of using SAT and ACT tests — focal points of a billion-dollar consulting industry and gatekeepers for a U.S. admissions system already seen as favoring wealth and privilege.

The Associated Press| Updated Apr 5, 2019; Posted Apr 5, 2019


The Record—Editorial: Clean up the SDA, Strengthen Its Core Mission

As we learn more about the almost comical ways in which the Schools Development Authority is being run, it is important to know what is at stake here.


North Jersey.com Editorial Board| April 8, 2019


The Record—Sources: Attorney General Probing Schools Authority

The Attorney General’s office is reportedly investigating hiring practices and recent allegations of employee file tampering at the agency.


Dustin Racioppi| April 7, 2019



Asbury Park Press—Businesses Filling Opportunity Gaps Don’t Know Where to Turn

New Jersey businesses are trying to provide students with skills they need to compete in the economy, but they can run into obstacles.

Matthew L. Diamond| April 7, 2019



New York Times--Is the U.S. a Democracy? A Social Studies Battle Turns on the Nation’s Values

Michigan spent five years debating how to teach American history. One of the biggest questions was how to describe the nation’s government.


Dana Goldstein| April 7, 2019



Politics K-12 (Education Week)--Last Time DeVos Addressed State Chiefs, It Got Awkward. Here's What to Expect Now

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will be doing a "fireside chat" at the Council of Chief State School Officers Monday. She'll be interviewed by Molly Spearman, the elected GOP state chief in South Carolina. She's spent most of her time in office pushing for something state leaders love—local control—and chiefs are historically a polite audience.

But it might not be a super comfortable venue for her this time. Here's why:


Alyson Klein on April 7, 2019 9:54 AM



Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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