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3-8-19 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Winners and Losers Seen in State School-Aid Numbers

Nearly 370 districts will be seeing some increase in aid; another 200 will lose out

Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday presented a fiscal 2020 state budget that would invest another $206 million in state aid to public schools.

On Thursday, the details came out about how that money would be distributed, and not everyone is pleased.

Released without an accompanying explanation in the late afternoon, the proposed district-by-district state aid allotments showed that nearly 370 districts would indeed see at least some increase in aid, more than 100 of them getting hikes in excess of 10 percent.


John Mooney, Colleen O’Dea and Carly Sitrin | March 8, 2019



NJ Spotlight--Sweeney on Murphy Budget: He’d Like More Savings, No Millionaire’s Tax

Senate president also presses governor to quadruple planned subsidy for New Jersey Transit, to $100 million

This year’s state budget discussions seem to be off to a better start than last year, but that doesn’t mean Senate President Steve Sweeney is happy with everything that Gov. Phil Murphy proposed earlier this week in his budget message.


John Reitmeyer | March 8, 2019



Education Week--When Measles Breaks Out, Unvaccinated Kids Send Schools Scrambling

The effects of an ongoing measles outbreak centered in Washington state have spread well beyond the patients who’ve contracted the virus, creating logistical challenges for schools and public health officials, who’ve spent $1 million to contain the illness.

School-age vaccine mandates have been credited with practically eradicating many severe illnesses. In 2000, for example, public health officials declared that measles had been eliminated.

But some parents’ refusal to vaccinate their children—fueled by misinformation and a distrust in public institutions—has once again given those diseases a foothold in some communities as vaccination rates fall below recommended thresholds, those officials say.


Evie Blad| March 5, 2019




Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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