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3-19-19 Education in the News

Jersey Journal--Take a deep dive into school data, then act | Jersey Journal editorial

The School Performance Report released by the state Department of Education last week has a wealth of data that must be acted on to make a difference.

When a child comes home with a really low score on an important test, parents want to know what happened and how to make sure the next score is higher. Was it a fluke? Is the student lost in the class? Is tutoring needed? A reduction in TV time?

A chat with the student and the teacher should result in a plan.

But when your public school gets a really low score on an important test, whatís a parent to do?

Jersey Journal Editorial| Posted Mar 18, 7:30 AM

Philadelphia Inquirer--Princeton data broker tried to sell personal info on a million kids but didnít tell state officials

A New Jersey data broker that collects and sells personal information about consumers told regulators that it did not knowingly possess data on minors, even as it advertised a mailing list of more than a million high school students for sale on its website.


Christian Hetrick, Updated:†March 19, 2019- 5:13 AM

Education Week--Taking the Guesswork Out of Teacher Hiring

Imagine a world where school districts' hiring departments can predict the longevity and effectiveness of a teacher before she steps foot into a classroom.

It's a scenario that's proved difficult to make reality, but a body of emerging research is making inroads. There are a handful of research-practitioner partnerships across the country working to improve teacher hiring through a strategic approach to job interviews, recommendations, and resume screenings.


Madeline Will| March 12, 2019

The Hechinger Report--TEACHER VOICE: The gaping hole in President Trumpís proposed education budget

How cuts in federal money for teachers' professional development will hurt students

President Trump has proposed cutting over $2 billion in funds for professional development and career growth and replacing them with vouchers for trainings that go directly to teachers, thereby circumventing district- and school-level bureaucracies.

While this†proposal†may make for some positive headlines, it wonít actually help teachers grow professionally or better meet their studentsí needs. In fact, thatís exactly what Education Secretary Betsy DeVos heard from me and five of my colleagues from around the country when she first proposed this idea to us in a meeting four months ago.


Shifra Adler| March 18, 2019

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608