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12-7-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--NJEA president: How increasing the minimum wage to $15 would help children, too.

If you need a reason to support a $15 minimum wage, step into a New Jersey classroom. You don’t even need to venture to an inner city or rural school district. Many students in middle- to upper-class neighborhoods are hungry, lack basic necessities, and suffer the stress and anxiety of living in low-income households. New Jersey’s children are innocent victims of poverty, and they need us to act.


Marie Blistan| Star-Ledger Guest Columnist| Updated Dec 6, 2:52 PM; Posted Dec 6, 2:52 PM



Associated Press (via Philadelphia Inquirer)—More Democratic Governors, More Skepticism About Charter Schools

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was not on the ballot in the Michigan governor's race, but her legacy loomed over the campaign in her home state, which has the country's highest concentration of for-profit charter schools.



SALLY HO, The Associated Press| December 6, 2018 - 9:39 AM



Education Week--Teachers: I Trust My Students, I Trust My Principal, But Trust Me, You Don't Want My Job

America's teachers remain committed to their students, but take an increasingly dim view of the future of the profession, according to the 2018 Schooling in America survey.

The school choice advocacy group EdChoice and Braun Research, Inc. surveyed a representative sample more than 530 public school parents and more than 1,800 members of the general public. But this year the groups also conducted online interviews with 777 public school teachers. 

Only a little more than 1 in 4 teachers said they would recommend their profession as a career for a friend or colleague.

Sarah D. Sparks on December 6, 2018 11:24 AM



Education Week--What It Takes to Make Co-Teaching Work

In Lauren Eisinger and Kara Houppert's co-taught 5th grade classroom, every instructional choice requires a lot of planning.

When Eisinger, a special education teacher at Naples Elementary School in upstate New York, and Houppert, a 5th grade teacher, wanted to start a class book club last year, they knew they would have to think creatively to accommodate reading levels spanning 2nd to 6th grades.


Sarah Schwartz| December 5, 2018



NY Times--A Ban on Parents in the School Lunchroom? Everyone Seems to Have an Opinion

 DARIEN, Conn. — Beth Bonanno had always looked forward to her special lunch date. She would leave the office to sit with her son, a second-grader, on his birthday and maybe three other days a year.

But then she got an email from the school district: Parents were being barred from the lunchroom.

The email incensed Ms. Bonanno and other parents. And what began as a small debate in the wealthy Connecticut town of Darien erupted into a controversy about parenting that rippled throughout the world.


Kristin Hussey and Liz Robbins| Dec. 6, 2018


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160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608