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10-11-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Web Guide to NJ Property Taxes: Everything Except Why They’re So High

Online guidebook walks residents through all the aspects of property taxes, including how the revenue is divvied up, using easy to understand graphics and examples

New Jersey residents may not like paying the nation’s highest property-tax bills, but an online brochure being distributed by the state’s accountants, realtors, and municipal-tax assessors is meant to impart a good understanding of exactly how property taxes work.


John Reitmeyer | October 11, 2018



Star Ledger--N.J. needs an all-inclusive plan, not a piecemeal approach to 21st century schools

New Jersey's public schools are a powerhouse. Student academic performance ranks at the top among states and the world's leading nations. Our graduation rate is the second-highest in the country. Outcomes for at-risk students outpace the national average for all students. We've built a solid foundation for continued progress.

One ingredient in our success is the concerted effort over the past 15 years to modernize New Jersey's school building infrastructure.


David Sciarra| Star-Ledger Guest Columnist| Updated Oct 10, 2:14 PM; Posted Oct 10, 2:14 PM



Trenton Times--Fate of $500 million in school funding in hands of voters | Editorial

The Garden State's school children are hoping you'll have the wisdom to say "yes" to Public Question 1 when you head to the polls next month for the 2018 mid-term elections.


Times of Trenton Editorial Board| Updated 6:36 AM; Posted 6:35 AM


Education Week--The Teen Brain: How Schools Can Help Students Manage Emotions and Make Better Decisions

Research highlights supportive strategies

Adolescence tends to be seen by parents—and many teachers—with dread. Teenagers are likelier to engage in risky behaviors and disengage from school. But emerging cognitive and neuroscience research suggests ways schools can help leverage teens' strengths in this unique developmental period.


Sarah D. Sparks| October 9, 2018


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608