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9-1-17 Education in the News

The Record--Your child is a bully — now what?

There is lots of advice aimed at the parents of children who are bullied. What about advice to parents of children who are the bullies?

What should a parent do if they learn their child is the one doing the bullying? 

Maria Vinci Savettiere, executive director at Deirdre’s House in Morristown, said she rarely sees advice aimed at parents of children who are bullying other children. 

One reason for this is the psychological hump parents have to get over, said Vinci Savettiere.  

“Parents have to be able to accept the fact that sometimes their child may engage in unacceptable behavior,” she said. “They have to be willing to accept their children are not perfect.” Vinci Savettiere said Deirdre's House's staff counselors specialize in children’s needs.

A study by the co-founders of the Cyberbullying Research Center found 70 percent of 5,600 students surveyed said someone had spread rumors about them online and 34 percent had experienced cyber bullying in their lifetime. 


Gene Myers, Staff Writer, September 1, 2017


Washington Post--Who was — and wasn’t — invited to Betsy DeVos’s education roundtable

An office manager was invited. So were politicians, ministers and school administrators. But it’s more interesting who wasn’t invited to the education roundtable that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos attended in Tallahassee on Wednesday with the Baptist minister who convened the event.

The event was convened by the Rev. R.B. Holmes, leader of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in the Florida capital and a prominent advocate of school choice in the state. DeVos is a longtime proponent of school choice too, saying once that traditional public education in the United States was a “dead end.”

The Education Department said that DeVos met with “a broad spectrum of education leaders in Florida”  in two 45-minutes sessions, the first titled “Saving, Sustaining and Strengthening Public Education and Schools of Choice” and the second titled “Saving, Sustaining and Strengthening HBCUs and Higher Education.”


By Valerie Strauss August 30







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