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12-8-17 Education in the News

Education Week--Joseph Meloche

Recognized for Leadership in Elevating Student Voice

  • Expertise: Elevating Student Voice
  • Position: Superintendent
  • District: Cherry Hill Public Schools, Cherry Hill, N.J.

When Superintendent Joseph Meloche weighs a major decision for his school district, he often turns to some of his most trusted advisers: students.

Helming the Cherry Hill, N.J., public schools since 2015, Meloche has made student opinion and feedback a central part of his strategy to get the best performance out of his already high-flying suburban district.


Alyson Klein December 6, 2017


The Atlantic--The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone

Students don't seem to be getting much out of higher education.

I have been in school for more than 40 years. First preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, and high school. Then a bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley, followed by a doctoral program at Princeton. The next step was what you could call my first “real” job—as an economics professor at George Mason University.

Thanks to tenure, I have a dream job for life. Personally, I have no reason to lash out at our system of higher education. Yet a lifetime of experience, plus a quarter century of reading and reflection, has convinced me that it is a big waste of time and money. When politicians vow to send more Americans to college, I can’t help gasping, “Why? You want us to waste even more?”


Bryan Caplan| January/February 2018 Issue

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608