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12-14-17 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Supporters Push to Renew Federal Children’s Healthcare Funding

A variety of patchwork schemes could extend the program over the short term, but advocates argue full funding is of the essence

With a week left before support is set to lapse, backers of a national children’s healthcare initiative are ramping up their campaign to ensure that the U.S. Congress provides sustained support for the popular program going into the new year.

Democratic officials — including U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) — joined healthcare advocates Wednesday to urge Republican leaders to back a multiyear funding extension for the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, which covers 8.5 million kids nationwide, including 113,000 in New Jersey. They also insisted the bipartisan program not become a bargaining chip in the struggle to finalize the GOP’s controversial tax-reform proposal.


Lilo H. Stainton | December 14, 2017


Education Week--Survey: Educators' Political Leanings, Who They Voted For, Where They Stand on Key Issues

Education Week survey paints political portrait of America's K-12 educators

Andrew Zimmerman, a social studies teacher and self-described libertarian, and Jeanné Collins, a superintendent and big fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, aren't anyone's idea of political soul mates.

But both educators agree on one thing: It isn't their role to talk about their own political beliefs at school, particularly in an increasingly polarized climate.


Alyson Klein| December 12, 2017

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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