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11-16-17 Education in the News

Philadelphia Inquirer--Gov.-elect Murphy promises teachers a kinder relationship

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) - Members of New Jersey's largest teachers' union cheered Gov.-elect Phil Murphy on Friday as the Democrat promised a kinder relationship than the union had with Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

Murphy spoke at the annual New Jersey Education Association convention in Atlantic City, and said voters have demanded a different direction.

"They want an end to the name-calling and the disrespect," he said. "As a state and nation, we are better than this."

Christie's eight years in office were punctuated by sparring with the union.


Updated: November 10, 2017 5:43 PM EST

Education Week--'There Is No Oversight': Private-School Vouchers Can Leave Parents on Their Own

Erica Florea was fed up. The Jupiter, Fla., mother had feuded for months with her daughter's middle school over her special education needs. Florea believed Jessica, who has dwarfism and epilepsy, also had autism.

But the school system, Florea said, had missed the diagnosis and was not providing the supports she insisted her daughter needed. So, before school resumed in the fall of 2015, she took a friend's advice and applied for one of Florida's publicly funded voucher programs to help pay tuition expenses for Jessica to attend a private school.

Arianna Prothero| November 14, 2017

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