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11-15-17 Education in the News

Star Ledger--Were NJEA teachers sent to a shoddy Florida rehab center?

Some New Jersey teachers with addiction and mental health problems were sent to a rundown rehab facility in Florida with questionable treatment practices after turning to the state's largest teachers union for help, according to a report.

A joint investigation by STAT and the Boston Globe published Friday found the New Jersey Education Association, which represents the majority of the state's teachers, directed some of its members to a healthcare referral service company that sent them to the Florida rehab center touted as a "spa for teachers."


Kelly Heyboer| Updated Nov 14, 2:41 PM; Posted Nov 14, 9:00 AM


Education Week--New Data Detail Effect of Inclusion on Teaching Time

A new analysis that looks at how much time educators spend teaching in classrooms with students with disabilities adds a new twist to the debate over inclusion.

Data from a survey of educators in more than three dozen countries and regions, including the United States, shows that time spent teaching goes down as the number of students with disabilities in a classroom goes up.


Christina A. Samuels| November 13, 2017


The Atlantic--Will Schools Start Lying About Attendance Rates?

States are planning to use chronic absenteeism to assess performance, but some wonder if incentives will lead administrators to manipulate the data.

Schools across the country are about to be held accountable for student attendance—attaching stakes to a measure that previously had much less significance and increasing the risk that schools will try to manipulate that data.

But it’s unclear how effectively states have prepared for that possibility, or have systems in place to accurately monitor absenteeism data at all.

“It’s human nature, when the stakes rise, to want to game the system,” said Phyllis Jordan of the Georgetown-based think tank FutureEd. She recently wrote an analysis finding that 36 states plan to use chronic absenteeism to measure schools under ESSA, the federal education law. “In that regard, I don’t think chronic absenteeism is any different than other measures, like test scores.”


Matt Barnum|Nov 14, 2017


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608