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1-10-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Keeping Tabs on the New Democratic Committee Chairs

Who earned a seat, who’s moving on — or up — and what does it portend for the coming legislative session?

It was an almost-routine announcement in a day of big speeches yesterday, but the Democratic legislative leadership’s picks of committee chairs could portend some significant changes in how it will do business this coming year.

The lengthy list released by each chamber’s Democratic leadership was full of changes on virtually every committee, as would be expected in the change of legislative sessions.

But the political musical chairs is especially significant, since the men and women leading each committee carry big influence in deciding what bills will be heard and voted upon — or not.


John Mooney | January 10, 2018


NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Property Taxes Can’t Be Reduced, So Stop Making Promises, Unless

Promises aren’t going to bring property taxes down; implementing one or more admittedly difficult reforms might do the trick, however


Every governor and Legislature maintains that property taxes are too high and has a plan for reduction. But in my judgement, such promises are false and impossible, so stop the rhetoric and false expectations.

Past attempts have taken three approaches. One increases state taxes to indirectly subsidize local costs via many versions of the Homestead Rebate program, circuit breakers, senior citizen and veterans’ credits, and income tax deductions or credits. A second attempts to directly subsidize localities by using state funds for various local costs — for example, paying for Social Security and pension costs for district school teachers or increasing school aid. A third attempts to control local costs by instituting caps on spending and/or property taxes.


Richard F. Keevey | January 10, 2018


Asbury Park Press--Controversial HS sports merger bill sent to Christie

Despite the New Jersey Statewide Interscholastic Athletic Association’s opposition to legislation that permits public high schools from the same district to merge sports teams, bills allowing cooperative programs passed the state Senate and Assembly on Monday.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-Gloucester) said he believes Gov. Chris Christie, who played NJSIAA sports as a catcher on Livingston High School’s 1980 state Group IV championship baseball team, will sign the legislation into law later this month.

In reaction to the legislation advancing, NJSIAA Executive Director Larry White said the statewide athletics association “will continue to monitor the progress of the bills, consider both their impact and implementation, and take whatever steps possible to ensure student-athletes are not adversely effected.”


Greg Tufaro, Central Jersey Courier News and Home News Tribune Published 9:40 p.m. ET Jan. 9, 2018


Garden State Coalition of Schools
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