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1-26-17 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--2016 Investment Returns for Public-Employee Pension Up 7%, Much Better Than in 2015

New figures don’t negate fundamental funding problems, but they bring some good news for the beleaguered pension system

The board that oversees New Jersey’s beleaguered public-employee pension system received some good news yesterday as new figures showed overall investment returns finished ahead by about 7 percent last year.

While those returns didn’t live up to the 7.9 percent assumption that’s set in state law for the pension system, they marked a significant improvement over the year before, when investments generated less than 1 percent returns.

The new calendar-year figures also suggested a much better outlook for the pension system — which is deep in debt thanks to years of underfunding by the state — after figures released last year for the 2016 fiscal year showed negative returns for the first time in nearly a decade. (The fiscal year runs on a July 1 to June 30 schedule, mirroring the state budget cycle.)


John Reitmeyer | January 26, 2017


NJ Spotlight--Some of NJ’s Top Educators Inspire Those with Passion to Teach

High-school students whose lives have likely been changed by teachers learn how to change other lives in turn

Teaching, according to some of its practitioners, is more a calling than a career.

It’s also an opportunity to change lives for the better, especially where educational opportunities can be few, but they also can be transformational.

For those considering teaching as a profession, that can be an inspirational spur to completing college and student teaching, and finishing a demanding course of study to attain a master’s degree.


Robin Traum | January 26, 2017



Star Ledger—10 Ways That NJ Schools Could Become Safer (slide show)

From armed security guards to opioid antidotes, recent initiatives aim to improve school safety.

Star Ledger| January 26, 2017



Star Ledger--Teachers petition district to defy Trump, protect immigrant students

NEWARK -- A group of public school teachers are petitioning the Newark school district to protect immigrant children who may be targeted under the President Donald J. Trump's proposed crackdown on illegal immigration.

During Tuesday's School Advisory Board meeting, teacher Branden Rippey presented a petition signed by more than 160 educators and community members asking the district to declare schools off limits to federal immigration authorities, refuse to share students' personal information and take concrete steps to carry out both actions. 

"These are dangerous times for our students who we have committed to care about and teach and value as they grow up," Rippey said. "We demand that this board and those who manage the schools forcibly and unequivocally make public our defense of our students and their families."


Karen Yi | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com| January 25, 2017 at 10:44 AM, updated January 25, 2017 at 12:04 PM

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160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608