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4-19-16 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Could 10,000 NJ High-School Students Miss Their Graduations?

Lawyers are negotiating to find an alternative to passing PARCC or other testing requirements, but no deal yet

With the clock ticking for as many as 10,000 high school seniors on the eve of graduation, lawyers met yesterday to try to reach agreement on how the state can address a challenge to its hastily implemented testing requirements.

At the heart of the debate is the state’s new requirement that students this year pass the PARCC exam or an alternative test to graduate. The transitional requirement was put in place last year, as the Christie administration moves to implement a more stringent exit exam based solely on PARCC, starting in 2021.


John Mooney | April 19, 2016

NJ Spotlight--How Effective Are the State’s Efforts to Protect Our Kids from Lead?

Screening programs are in place, but follow-up is sloppy; meanwhile, tens of millions may have been diverted from funds meant for lead abatement

With concerns growing across the state and nation about lead contamination in aging water systems, homes, and other buildings, elected leaders in New Jersey continued to drill state officials Monday on their work to prevent and track lead poisoning among vulnerable youngsters.

Acting Health Department Commissioner Cathleen D. Bennett defended the state’s program, which has tested more than 200,000 youngsters in each of the past three years. In 2015 the screenings identified 898 kids with enough lead in their blood to prompt a follow-up test and a home visit, she said, but not necessarily high enough to require medical treatment.


Lilo H. Stainton | April 19, 2016


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608