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2-24-16 State School Aid for FY17 and Where to Find Your School District Aid Numbers

Courier Post  - Will NJ public school aid give taxpayers relief?

School districts saddled with crowded classrooms or high numbers of students who need additional services could receive proportionately larger chunks of state aid next year, but not nearly enough to meet ever-rising needs.... While individual districts may exceed county increase averages, school officials say districts are still not receiving what they should in state aid, compared to the amounts of aid calculated in the School Funding Reform Act. Some of the costs from the cuts were shifted to local taxpayers, but school districts have been unable to make up the total loss due to a 2 percent cap on tax levy increases....’


 Carly Q. Romalino, @CarlyQRomalino12:22 p.m. EST February 23, 2016


NJ SPOTLIGHT -  GOVERNOR LAUDS CHARTER SCHOOLS BUT FUNDING DOESN’T MATCH RHETORIC…Direct state aid to charter schools is actually reduced by $2.8 million in proposed budget for FY 2017  ‘…But the budget itself actually reduces direct aid to charter schools by $2.8 million while federal aid remains flat, according to the administration’s budget summary. There is only so much to be read into that, admittedly, as direct state aid and federal aid cover a small fraction of the overall costs of charter schools. Still, the administration has been silent on the topic of aid to charter schools, and charter leaders have not responded to requests for their reaction. State education officials haven’t done much talking either, declining comment when asked specifically about the charter funding…’




DOE Website 2-24-16:   2016-17 State School Aid Summaries


2016-2017 Projected SFRA K-12 State School Aid and PreK State Aid

Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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