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9-18-12 Education Issues a hot topic at Governor's visit today to Elmwood Park

State Street Wire-Politickernj - Pilot program to lengthen school day slated for hearing

By State Street Wire Staff | September 18th, 2012 - 12:14pm

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TRENTON – The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to take up a bill Monday that would lengthen the school day in some districts.

The bill, S2087, would set up a pilot program over three years to study the effects of a longer school day on academic performance.

A district that wants to participate would apply to the Department of Education. The commissioner of Education could select up to 25 districts to participate.

As an incentive, tax credits would be offered to corporations that contribute funding to support the pilot effort’s costs.

The total tax credits would be capped at $24 million in year one, $48 million in year two, and $72 million in year three.

In a revenue estimate that accompanies the Assembly version – A1391 – that was introduced in January, the Executive branch and the Office of Legislative Services agree that the state coffers would suffer a loss under this bill, but disagree on exactly how severely it would kick in and when.

The administration estimates the following fiscal impact on state revenues: year 1, nothing; year 2, $18 million; year 3, $42 million; year 4, $66 million; and year 5, $18 million.

OLS estimates that the state revenues would be affected more quickly: year 1, $24 million; year 2, $48 million; and year 3, $72 million.

The administration’s analysis assumes that the corporate business tax will be reduced by 75 percent of the total amount of tax credits that are claimed, and that assumption is based on anticipated delays due to filing requirements.

State Street Wire­-Politickernj - Oliver on vouchers: Christie needs to discuss compromise that protects school system

By State Street Wire Staff | September 18th, 2012 - 1:03pm

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TRENTON – Speaker Sheila Oliver's office responded quickly today to Gov. Christie’s claim that she is holding up a voucher bill for schools by referencing comments made in May.

“We welcome him to come to the table and discuss a compromise that does not further threaten our public education system,” she said then.

“If the governor thinks I'm the only one standing in the way of the bill, then I challenge him to get it through the Senate first."

Christie said at a town hall that there enough Assembly votes to pass a voucher measure, but that the Speaker won’t post it.

Earlier story:

State Street Wire-Politickernj -  Christie says Oliver blocking voucher system for schools

By Matthew Arco | September 18th, 2012 - 12:39pm

ELMWOOD PARK – Gov. Chris Christie says the passage of a school voucher system in New Jersey is being held up by a single lawmaker.

The governor was asked about the status of a voucher system in the state by a resident during his 91st town hall meeting.

“Anyone who cares about this issue should write to the speaker,” Christie said, referring to Speaker Sheila Oliver, (D-34.)

“The status is that there’s one person preventing our state from having (a voucher system,)” he said. “She refuses to post this bill.”

Christie said there are enough votes in the Assembly to pass the proposal and he has assurances from Senate President Steve Sweeney that the Senate would take up the legislation, however, the plan is being stalled by the top Assembly lawmakers, he said.

“She is the single person from stopping this from happening,” he said.


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