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9-18-19 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--First-Ever Guidelines on Early Childhood Beverages Take Aim at Sugar and More

New Jersey-based foundation funds healthcare collaboration that delivers first comprehensive instructions on healthy beverages for young children

Young children should not be given flavored milks, almond, rice and other plant-based milks, sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages.


Lilo H. Stainton | September 18, 2019



Washington Post--Back-to-School Night Is Hard for Single Parents

Meant to be welcoming, such events can make solo parents feel isolated.


Alia Wong| 7:00 AM ET



Education Week--Early-College High School Students More Likely to Earn Postsecondary Degrees

Participating in early-college programs could have a long-term positive effect on students' college enrollment and completion rates, a new study finds. 


Sarah Schwartz on September 17, 2019 3:31 PM


Politics K-12 (Education Week)--By One Measure, Federal Spending on Children Has Hit a 10-Year Low

The share of the federal budget that goes toward children, including education spending, dipped to just below 2 percent of the nation's gross domestic product in 2018—the lowest level in the decade.


Andrew Ujifusa on September 17, 2019 4:09 PM



Chalkbeat--Can virtual advising shift where students go to college? Yes, but only a bit.

When Shannon Binns was navigating the college admissions process, she had a sounding board hundreds of miles away from her small hometown in Northeast Ohio. 

That was Tally Erickson, a recent Swarthmore graduate who served as a virtual college counselor as part of CollegePoint, an ambitious initiative designed to push high-achievers from low- and middle-income families into better colleges.


Matt Barnum| September 17, 2019



The Hechinger Report--Black teachers matter, for students and communities

We learn more from an integrated school staff than just the syllabus

When it comes to teachers’ roles in shaping anti-racist communities, it’s better to show than to tell. Meaning, society is better off when students see diversity in the ranks of teachers rather than when they hear lessons about the importance of inclusion from a monolithic group of educators. Representation matters.


Andre Perry| September 17, 2019


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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