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10-11-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Latest Move to Reduce Youth Vaping in NJ Comes from Major Health Network Hackensack Meridian Health is putting $1 million toward a “Take Vape Away” campaign and calling on other health networks to take similar initiatives...'

NJ Spotlight--Murphy’s Target: Replace All Lead Service Lines in NJ by 2029 The plan includes a call for a $500 million bond issue and a requirement for every child to be tested for lead before starting school...'

Education Week--States Gird for Spending Reviews of Worst-Performing Districts Everyone agrees that to craft an effective budget—whether it's for your household or your school district—you have to know where you've spent your money...'

Politics K-12 (Education Week)--DeVos Announces Plan to Encourage More Charter Schools in Opportunity Zones Private consultants will work with charter school networks to assist in opening more of the publicly funded, independently managed schools in economically distressed areas under a plan announced by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Thursday...'

Edutopia--Screen-Free Days in a 1:1 School A middle school stows the laptops periodically for an entire day to intentionally foster face-to-face learning experiences and interactions...'

10-10-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--New Jersey Ranked 22nd in Nation for Rate of Childhood Obesity The obesity rate for those in the 10 to 17 age group elsewhere in the country goes from 8.7% in Utah to 25.4% in Mississippi...'

NJ Spotlight--Schools Urged to Include Students with Disabilities in Emergency Planning Security incidents can be particularly traumatic for students with disabilities who may have sparse or even no instructions on what to do...'

Star Ledger--Mayor says LGBTQ curriculum will ‘indoctrinate’ kids and his successor agrees Barnegat Township Mayor Alfonso Cirulli called for a fight against a new law requiring schools to teach LGBT history...'

The Atlantic--The Contradiction at the Heart of Public Education Gifted education puts in tension two equally treasured American ideals: egalitarianism and individualism...'

NPR--School Districts Sue Juul, Saying Student Vaping Drains Resources Schools across the country are so fed up with students vaping on campus that they're suing the e-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Four ways that educators can help young black students thrive Affirming, protecting and cultivating the humanity of black children...'

The Hechinger Report--Questioning their fairness, a record number of colleges stop requiring the SAT and ACT Results are mixed, but suggest that making these tests optional is improving diversity on campus...'

10-9-19 Education in the News
NY Times--ACT Change Will Allow Students to Retake Individual Sections Starting next September, high schoolers won’t need to repeat the entire ACT exam to improve their score...'

Education Dive--Administrators share 7 tips for building positive school culture Carefully managing hallway messaging and modeling positive attitudes can be difference-makers on student performance, teacher retention and more...'

10-8-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJEA Sees New Leadership with Exec Director, No Lobbyist in Place Assistant Director Swetsky will fill executive director slot, but union yet to decide on chief lobbyist...'

NJ Spotlight--Murphy Answers Critics, Lays out Plan to Get Lead Out of Schools Governor announces increased inspections and better reporting of water results

Star Ledger--Murphy just took these steps to fight lead in N.J. schools and alert parents of problems New Jersey schools will be required to test their water for lead more frequently and parents will get a more streamlined way to search if levels are dangerous in their children’s schools under new state regulations Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday...'

The Atlantic--Why Is Middle School So Hard for So Many People? It doesn’t have to be this way.

NPR--The Things Parents Don't Talk About With Their Kids ... But Should A majority of parents rarely if ever discuss race/ethnicity, gender, class or other categories of social identity with their kids, according to a new, nationally representative survey of more than 6,000 parents conducted by Sesame Workshop and NORC at the University of Chicago...'

Education Dive--Rising temperatures leave students sweltering as districts look to fund AC As students around the country swelter in autumn heat waves, districts are brainstorming ways to fund air conditioning in classrooms while school is in session, District Administration reports...'

Chalkbeat--No thanks, Obama: 9 states no longer require test scores be used to judge teachers Fewer states are using student test scores to evaluate teachers, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality. As of this year, 34 states require scores to be used in teacher evaluations, down from a high of 43 in 2015...'

10-7-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--The List: Top Ten Payments into NJ’s Public-Worker Pension System The $3.2 billion pumped into the pension system under Gov. Phil Murphy in fiscal year 2019 tops the list, but the problems remain...'

Star Ledger--How to fill out the 2020-2021 FAFSA form, and why the Trump tax plan makes it harder for some families The Trump tax plan inadvertently made completing the FAFSA harder for some families...'

Star Ledger—Op-Ed: Children have legal protections against bullying, law firm says...'

NY Times--She Was Raped by a Classmate. She Still Had to Go to School With Him. The case jolted a working-class town, prompting a walkout by students and a debate over whether school officials are equipped to address sexual assault...'

Education Week--School Districts Vow to Sue Juul Over Student Vaping Two Kansas school districts have vowed to sue Juul Labs Inc. and other companies in the e-cigarette industry, alleging that vaping is harming their students and disrupting their schools to the point that the districts may recover damages...'

Chalkbeat: Op-Ed: A message from a black male teacher: Don’t make educators like me the default disciplinarians...'

10-4-19 Education in the News
NY Times--Florida Teachers Can Now Carry Guns at School A hotly debated law passed in May that would allow some teachers to carry firearms in the classroom takes effect Tuesday...'

Politics K-12 (Education Week)-- The State With the Most Charter Schools Just Gave Districts More Power to Reject Them California school districts will have expanded authority to reject new charter school applications under a set of bills signed into law on Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom...'

Chalkbeat--In Newark schools, popular enrichment programs were set to expand — until they disappeared On the first day of classes last month, a group of students at Science Park High School made a beeline for Karen Gaylord’s office. Gaylord was the school staffer who oversaw a number of popular, privately funded extracurricular programs. One taught students to code and build robots; another, for young men, combined tutoring, college visits, and chess. But when the students arrived at the office that day, eager to snag spots in the programs, they were greeted with bad news: Gaylord was gone, and the programs she managed were suspended...'

10-3-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--State Board of Education Postpones Vote on New Student Testing Plan Members, divided on the issue, face Nov. 6 deadline; commissioner warns of unilateral action...'

Star Ledger--This N.J. English teacher just won state’s top teaching award (and she just got married at school) A South Jersey English teacher is New Jersey’s Teacher of The Year for 2019...'

Education Week--High Court Case Tests Religious Schools' Use of Tax-Credit Scholarships A national debate that has simmered for 200 years—whether public funds may go to the coffers of religious schools—is set to take center stage at the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that originated in this small Montana city over a state tax credit for donations to groups providing private school scholarships...'

Chalkbeat--Do charter schools ‘lift all boats’? Here’s what the latest research tells us Lots of research on charter schools amounts to a horse race: Which schools produce better test scores or higher college enrollment rates, district schools or charter schools?...'

Education Dive--E is for educator: Sesame Street celebrates 50 years of quality early learning The show was introduced when it wasn't common for children to attend preschool, and research has demonstrated those who watched it experienced better outcomes later in life than those who didn’t...'

10-2-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--The Case for Screening Students for Addiction, Mental Health Issues A school-based program of early intervention has worked in other states. Health advocates and others argue for its widespread adoption in New Jersey...'

Chalkbeat (via NJ Spotlight)--Nearly Two-Thirds of Newark Voters Approve of Charter Schools, Poll Shows Most Newark voters agreed that charter schools are “an important part of the public school landscape in Newark.”...'

Education Week—Opinion: It's Time to End Timed Tests Why do we believe that speed reflects intelligence?...'

10-1-19 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Administration Pushes Student-Testing Plan Ahead, Despite Opposition The Murphy administration is moving ahead with its controversial plan to reconfigure the state’s student testing program — again — with the State Board of Education scheduled to vote on the latest version on Wednesday...'

NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: School Emergency Plans Must Take Better Account of Students with Disabilities On any given school day, New Jersey students line up and leave the building as part of mandatory emergency drills. These drills are a good thing. Students, staff and emergency responders need a plan and need to practice it so they are safe and ready in the event of a real emergency...'

Star Ledger--Educators: Let’s give kids something their predecessors didn’t have - teachers of color Vivica Foster is an aspiring teacher who would like her students to have an opportunity that she never had: she’d like them to have a teacher who is a person of color...'

New York Times--A Teenager Killed Himself After Being Outed as Bisexual. His Family Wants Justice. The family and classmates of a Tennessee high school student who killed himself after being outed online as bisexual have demanded that the school and state authorities investigate and prosecute those responsible, calling it a case of “social media bullying.”...'

Education Week--7 Steps Schools Can Take to Keep Sporting Events Safe With recent shootings at or near football games, school districts are taking a fresh look at safety measures to protect students and the public at those events and other after-school activities...'

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The Special Education Task Force Report was released  in November 2015. GSCS, a Task Force member,  looks forward to discussion on this important topic under the Murphy administration.  See below for a link to the report.

Final Report of NJ Task Force on Improving Special Education for Public School Students


Garden State Coalition of Schools
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