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GSCS Statement on Black Lives Matter
In the wake of the recent murder of George Floyd and the many historical and present-day acts of violence against Black men and women, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of Black Lives Matter and all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those tragedies...'
11-25-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Schools in 18 N.J. counties should now ‘consider implementing fully remote learning,’ state guidelines say...' Education Week--Will Teachers Get Priority for COVID-19 Vaccines?...'

Education Week--No More Snow Days, Thanks to Remote Learning? Not Everyone Agrees...'

Education Dive--IDEA turns 45: Is Congress close to guaranteeing full special ed funding?...'

The Hechinger Report--Coronavirus means school food is free across the U.S. What if it stayed that way?...'

11-24-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Amid rising COVID-19 cases and remote learning, kids are begging to go to school...' Star Ledger--‘I hope we can keep schools open’ through holidays despite COVID-19 surge, Gov. Murphy says...'

NY Times--Outdoor Learning, in Blustery Weather...'

Education Week--Building Better School Boards: 3 Strategies for District Leaders...'

Education Dive--Report: 67% of schools lack recommended connectivity speed...'

The Hechinger Report--Just 3% of scientists and engineers are Black or Latina women. Here’s what teachers are doing about it...'

11-23-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJEA president: Union disagrees with governor on keeping schools open...'
Star Ledger—Op-Ed:To attract talent to the classroom, we need to celebrate teachers’ heroic work    Opinion...'

Star Ledger--N.J. high schoolers struggle with COVID-19 impact on their nonprofit group...'

NY Times--What Happened When a School District Banned Thin Blue Line Flags...'

Education Week--What Principals Have Learned From COVID-19's 'Stress Test'...'

Chalkbeat--Virtual instruction isn’t getting high marks from parents, but many still prefer it...'

Chalkbeat--Newark will temporarily close remote learning centers due to COVID-19 spike...'

Education Dive--Amid school reopenings, COVID-19 liability protection a mounting concern...'

Edutopia--How to Better Support Middle and High School Students With Dyslexia...'

The Hechinger Report--Schools bring mindfulness to the classroom to help kids in the Covid-19 crisis...'

11-20-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Impact of remote learning on low-income students of color highlighted by survey...' Star Ledger--NJEA: Murphy is downplaying the risks of keeping schools open...'

NY Times—Op-Ed: San Francisco’s School Plan Could Offer Other Districts Hope...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)-Seven Governors Stress In-Person Learning as Nation Confronts Rising Virus Rates...'

Education Week--What Principals Have Learned From COVID-19's 'Stress Test'...'

Chalkbeat--Are test score gaps growing? A simple question remains a research mystery...'

Edutopia--The Mistake Imperative—Why We Must Get Over Our Fear of Student Error...'

11-19-20 Education in the News
Insider NJ--Assemblywoman Stanfield legislation provides special education students a ‘bridge year’...' NY Times—Op-Ed: When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong...'

NY Times--When Schools Close, Moms Fill Gaps...'

NPR--The Legacy Of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos...'

Education Week--How Schools Are Preparing for the Perfect Storm of Holiday Travel and COVID-19...'

Education Week--School closures can be hard on children — and adults. Here’s how to help ease the transition...'

Education Dive--4 ways COVID-19 could alter long-term curricular approaches...'

Edutopia--How to Support Young Learners in Racially Diverse Classrooms...'

11-18-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--See which side of the ‘digital divide’ your school district is on...' NJ Spotlight--NJ school funding shrinks, even in good economic times...'

Education Week--How Schools Are Preparing for the Perfect Storm of...'

Chalkbeat--Teachers unions will have newfound influence in a Biden administration. Here’s how they might use it...'

Education Dive--3 ways K-12 schools can evolve post-pandemic...'

Edutopia--Good Teaching Is Not Just About the Right Practices...'

11-17-20 Education in the News
NY Times--How Will Biden Approach School Reopenings?...' NPR--A College Student Is Coming Home. Should The Whole Family Wear Masks?...'

Politics k-12 (via Education Week)--How Will ESSA Hold Up During COVID-19? Pandemic Tests the Law's Resilience...'

Chalkbeat--This Philadelphia teacher asks his students for their autograph. Here’s why...'

Education Dive--Fast Forward: States' accountability changes may impact school designations, improvement timelines...'

Edutopia--Extracurriculars Play a Vital Role During the Pandemic...'

11-16-20 Education in the News
Chalkbeat (via NJ Spotlight)--‘COVID is traumatic’: Newark mayor responds to students’ struggles during the pandemic...' Star Ledger--Murphy won’t close N.J. schools yet. He’s not alone in his decision...'

Star Ledger--More N.J. school districts announce they are switching to all-remote as COVID-19 cases rise...'

NY Times--New York City Is Poised to Close Schools...'

Education Week--The Pandemic Is Raging. Here's How to Support Your Grieving Students...'

Education Dive--Lack of extracurriculars hurts school engagement during pandemic...'

11-13-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Despite COVID-19 rise, NJ sticks with plan to allow schools to decide instruction plans locally...' Star Ledger--40K N.J. students still lack computer or internet for virtual school...'

NY Times--Biden’s Education Department Will Move Fast to Reverse Betsy DeVos’s Policies...'

NPR--Lessons From Europe, Where Cases Are Rising But Schools Are Open...'

Education Week--A Highly Effective Vaccine Is Likely on the Way. What Does That Mean for Schools and Kids?...'

Chalkbeat--A big decision awaits Biden’s education pick: to test or not to test...'

Education Dive--Despite broad compliance with school mask policies, lawsuits persist for some...'

11-12-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Interstate travel put on hold for youth sports to reduce COVID-19 spread...' Star Ledger--Should all N.J. schools go virtual? Some teachers unions and experts say yes as cases continue to rise...'

NPR--What A Biden Presidency Could Mean For Education...'

Education Week--Why Personalized Learning Is Struggling During COVID-19...'

Education Week--Biden's Education Transition Team Heavy on Obama Officials and Union Staff...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: The truth about returning to school? There’s no easy answer...'

11-11-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--State reports big drop in all-remote learning for NJ public schools...' NJ Spotlight--Your school district’s latest plans for remote, in-person or hybrid learning...'

Star Ledger--$1M could have cleaned up toxic mercury floor in N.J. school, but voters shot it down twice...'

Asbury Park Press--NJ laws mean schools are stuck with bus contractors facing criminal charges...'

Education Week--Replacing DeVos: Contenders Surface for Biden's Education Secretary Pick...'

Education Dive--CCSSO eyes possibility of K-12 relief bill during lame duck Congress...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Some advice for a new administration: Appoint a woman of color as U.S. secretary of education...'

11-9-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--A life interrupted...'
Star Ledger: Op-Ed--An earlier pandemic taught us lessons about schools and COVID-19    Opinion...'

Press of Atlantic City--Effects of pandemic have hit special education students and teachers especially hard...'

New York Times--The Latest on Kids’ Antibodies...'

The Atlantic--How to Teach American History in a Divided Country...'

Chalkbeat--On COVID and schools, President-elect Biden has promised a different approach...'

Education Dive--Yoga, help lines, virtual social hours: Strategies to support staff through COVID-19...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: What happens when private student information leaks...'

11-6-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Just as many do already in class, NJ teachers attend virtual convention...' Star Ledger--Nearly 150 kids and teachers caught COVID-19 at N.J. schools, state officials say as outbreaks increase...'

Star Ledger--Virtual learning wasn’t working for these N.J. families so they’re homeschooling instead...'

NY Times--How an Oregon Measure for Universal Preschool Could Be a National Model...'

Education Week--Educator Morale, School Job Applicants Declining, Survey Shows...'

Education Dive--Rubric for Recovery: Low-income students of color at edge of widening opportunity gap...'

The Hechinger Report--How to improve schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to students...'

11-5-20 Education in the News
NPR--Now Is A Good Time To Talk To Kids About Civics...' Chalkbeat--Uncertainty and angst: What the day after Election Day looked like in America’s classrooms...'

Education Dive--Rubric for Recovery: Tightening budgets, litigation add to pandemic special ed pressures...'

11-4-20 Education in the News
Education Week--Do Face Shields Protect Against COVID-19? A Mask and Shield Explainer...' Education Week--'Schools Need to Be Bolder' About Reopening, Public Health Expert Says...'

Chalkbeat--How Newark schools helped get out the vote...'

Education Dive--Difficulties taking SAT and ACT persist, signaling long-term problems for test makers...'

11-3-20 education in the news
The Atlantic--Working for Racial Justice as a White Teacher...' Education Week--K-12 Election Watch: 7 Big Questions for Schools and Education...'

Education Dive--Rubric for Recovery: ELs face more hurdles amid lost in-person learning...'

11-2-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--The 2020 election isn’t here yet but NJEA casts its ballot for 2021 race...' Star Ledger--Let kids be kids, N.J. school district says. We’re having real snow days this year...'

Star Ledger--We’re more stressed over virtual school and social media than election and coronavirus, poll finds...'

InsiderNJ--Rep. Payne, Jr. Wants a Federal Plan for Education during a Public Health Crisis...'

Education Week--Lawmakers Push Plan to Protect School Jobs From Pandemic Cuts...'

Chalkbeat--On pandemic learning loss, school districts look forward, not back...'

Education Dive--Survey: Distance learning creates more work with less rigor...'

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The Special Education Task Force Report was released  in November 2015. GSCS, a Task Force member,  looks forward to discussion on this important topic under the Murphy administration.  See below for a link to the report.

Final Report of NJ Task Force on Improving Special Education for Public School Students