Superintendent Salary Cap--Ginsburg Op-Ed 12-18-18

Op-Ed: Superintendent Salary Cap Hasn’t Worked, So Let’s Scrap It

Former Gov. Chris Christie imposed the cap as a cost-saving measure, but a recent study shows it has cost districts money and educational capital

When other institutions in society crumble, the schoolhouse stands.

The “schoolhouse” in this case, is public education, which continues to nurture, instruct and care for most of our children. The schoolhouse continues to stand — even in the face of funding cuts, teacher shortages and, in some places, a lack of respect for education itself.

It takes many people to keep the schoolhouse standing, including dedicated staff, supportive parents and communities, and committed local boards of education. But when any or all of those groups look for answers at the district level, they turn to one person — the school superintendent.

Therefore, we need to eliminate the superintendent salary cap.

| December 18, 2018