Proposed GSCS By-Law Changes--Summary--4-19






  • Changed: References to “the Secretary of the Corporation” changed to “Executive Director”:  This reflects the longstanding practice of the organization. 
  • Deleted: All references to the GSCS “Parent Network”, which has not existed for at least fifteen years.


Article II: Membership

  • Added: Allows a second membership avenue for districts.  A superintendent may include GSCS membership as a negotiated item in his/her contract.
  • Added: Districts with 800 students or less will receive discounted dues.


Article III: Board of Trustees

  • Changed: The Board of Trustees will consist of 24 member districts. This was changed from 25, eliminating the representative from the “Parent Network”


Article IV: Officers and Employees

  • Changed: Day to day organizational decisions will be made by the Executive Committee of the Board, rather than the full Board.  This reflects longstanding practice.  The President or Executive Director will report to the full Board on any of these decisions.
  • Deleted: Job description for the “President Elect”.  This function is fulfilled, and has been for some time, by the Treasurer.
  • Added: Description of the functions of GSCS Past Presidents as members of the Executive Committee.
  • Added: Description of the role and responsibilities of the Executive Director.  Even though GSCS has had an Executive Director since shortly after its founding, there was no reference to or description of the Executive Director’s job in the By-Laws.