Former GSCS President Chuck Sampson Quoted on FY '19 State Aid

Murphy School Aid Plan Keeps Promises, Raises Questions John Mooney | March 16, 2018 The numbers aren’t set in stone, but districts have gotten a first look at state aid to public schools Following up on the broad concepts laid out in his first budget address, Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration yesterday released what are perhaps the most critical details to local communities: his proposed state aid to public school districts. And keeping his promise that virtually all districts would get at least some increase next year, there was palpable relief in many communities and a bit of head-scratching in others... Freehold Regional High School district is among the 30 districts not seeing any increase under Murphy’s plan, leaving it with no more aid than it did a decade ago. Its superintendent said yesterday that he wasn’t exactly sure why. “In trying to sort through the secret sauce of the state formula,” said superintendent Charles Sampson. “It seems there is a floor and a cap, the floor being no less than last year and the cap being on what year one of a four-year phase in looks like,” he said. “We see that in words but not in numbers. If the numbers remain the same, we anticipate seeing a modest decrease over the next several years. However, our state aid still remains comparable to that of 2009 levels, which poses difficulties in an era of rising costs.” (For full article text, go to http://