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NEW! Virtual Meeting Calendar for 2021-2022
All Meetings, starting in September 2021...'
GSCS Statement Condemning Violence Motivated by Race, Ethnicity or Sexual Orientation
In the wake of the recent murder of George Floyd and the many historical and present-day acts of violence against Black men and women, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of Black Lives Matter and all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those tragedies...'
11-24-21 Education in the News
Philadelphia Inquirer--Racist U.S. history curriculums omit important stories of America’s First People    Opinion...'
NY Times--What’s One of the Most Dangerous Toys for Kids? The Internet...'

Education Week--A Guide to Diffusing Charged Conversations...'

Chalkbeat--‘It’s imperative that we listen’: What the Rittenhouse verdict meant in 5 classrooms...'

Edutopia--4 Ways Students Can Take an Active Role in Their IEP Meetings...'

11-23-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Mixed results for in-school COVID-19 vaccinations...' Jersey Journal--Some want a more flexible choice for using remote learning in the future...'

Insider NJ--Murphy on Lifting the Student Mask Mandate: ‘We’re not there Yet’...'

NPR--Parents are scrambling after schools suddenly cancel class over staffing and burnout...'

Education Week--School Libraries and Controversial Books: Tips From the Front Lines...'

11-22-21 Education in the News
NY Times—Opinion:Everything You Think You Know About the Suburbs Is Wrong...' The Atlantic--Trust the Teachers...'

Chalkbeat--New Jersey sends $6.5 million to Newark for school repairs, renovations...'

Edutopia--How Kids Can Overcome the Awkwardness of Asking for Help There are many reasons students don’t ask for help. Research shows there are strategies to help them overcome their reluctance...'

The Hechinger Report--COLUMN: What rational parents must do to combat education conspiracies...'

11-19-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--No critical race theory is not being taught here. GOP wants it banned anyway...' Insider NJ--Pennacchio Bills Would Shine Light on Education in Public Schools...'

NPR--Should schools require the COVID vaccine? Many experts say it's too soon...'

Education Week--Q&A: What Is Culturally Responsive Teaching?...'

Education Dive--Lawmakers urge fiscal accountability of K-12 ESSER funds...'

11-18-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--School building price tag set at nearly $2 billion, with more to come...' The Record—Sweeney’s loss raises questions over fate of SDA, billions in funding...'

Asbury Park Press--Hazing in high school sports teams: 'Each year it gets worse'...'

NPR--Pandemic or no, kids are still getting — and spreading — head lice...'

Education Week--School Resource Officers (SROs), Explained Their duties, effectiveness, and more...'

Education Dive--Parents want larger role protecting student privacy as concerns grow...'

11-17-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--School building price tag set at nearly $2 billion, with more to come...' NJ Spotlight--Schools, food banks wrestle with shortages, supply problems...'

Star Ledger--Kids who speak limited English are ‘invisible’ in N.J. schools, report says. Here’s what needs to change...'

NY Times--How a School District Got Caught in Virginia’s Political Maelstrom...'

Education Week--Here’s How Schools Can Use Federal COVID Aid to Solve Bus Driver and Other Transportation Woes...'

The Hechinger Report--States’ urgent push to overhaul reading instruction...'

11-16-21 Education in the News
Education Week--Teaching Social-Emotional Skills is Hard, Time-Consuming, and Necessary, Report Says...' Education Dive--School Meals Report Card calls for tighter USDA nutrition guidelines amid supply chain crisis...'

The Hechinger Report--‘The Reading Year’: First grade is critical for reading skills, but kids coming from disrupted kindergarten experiences are way behind...'

11-15-21 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Want to ditch the mask? Get your student vaccinated    Editorial...'
NY Times--‘They See Us as the Enemy’: School Nurses Battle Covid-19, and Angry Parents...'

Education Dive--Counselors say students' SEL skills just as important as academic development...'

11-12-21 Education in the News
NY Times--Substitute Teachers Never Got Much Respect, but Now They Are in Demand...' Education Week--Just How Widespread Are the Threats to Educators Over COVID Policies?...'

Chalkbeat--With COVID relief money, schools across U.S. take on a bigger role in student mental health...'

Education Dive--Report: More high schools offer computer...'

Edutopia--Guiding Older Students to Enter and Exit the Classroom Smoothly...'

11-11-21 Education in the News
Philadelphia Inquirer--Children’s mental health is a pandemic crisis that needs immediate solutions, CHOP’s psychiatry chief says...' Education Week--English Teachers Must Be Anti-Racist, National Group Says...'

Chalkbeat--Kindergarten enrollment slumped last year. Now, some schools see rebounds among youngest students...'

Education Dive—Opinion: Relationships, resources must become a focus in learning to address mental health crisis...'

The Hechinger Report--America’s reading problem: Scores were dropping even before the pandemic Remote classes made things worse...'

11-10-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Education issues press on as Sweeney nears exit...' Washington Post--School board members face dark new reality of abuse, threats from parents...'

Chalkbeat--Michigan superintendent pushes reforms to get more teachers in classrooms...'

Education Dive--Infrastructure plan would replace lead pipes in schools, expand internet...'

11-9-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Murphy: Mask mandate goes if parents vaccinate kids...' Philadelphia Inquirer--Pa. mask mandate for public and private schools expected to end in January, Wolf says centers...'

InsiderNJ--Weinberg Bill to Modify Procedures for School Emergency Drills Clears Education Committee...'

Asbury Park Press--Gov. Murphy signs school bus safety bills into law...'

NY Times--First Lady Kicks Off Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign for Children...'

The Atlantic--Parents Still Have a Thanksgiving Problem...'

Education Week--A ‘War on Books': Conservatives Push for Audits of School Libraries...'

Education Dive--Incentives, morale boosters crucial to curb K-12 teacher, other workforce shortages...'

The Hechinger Report--Some families don’t want to go back to in-person school. Here’s how one S.C. district is dealing with this demand...'

11-8-21 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Universal pre-K? Someday, but not now.    Opinion...'
The Record--School board elections become heated affairs more typical of national races...'

The Atlantic--COVID-Vaccine Mandates for Kids Are Coming But are they a good idea?...'

Education Week--Anxiety Over Schools Fired Up Voters This Year. What About 2022?...'

Chalkbeat--How will fights about race and suburban schools change education politics?...'

Education Dive--A call for civility in K-12 education...'

The Hechinger Report--How PE teachers are tackling ‘physical learning loss’...'

11-5-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--With Murphy win, teachers union claims victory...' NY Times--California Tries to Close the Gap in Math, but Sets Off a Backlash...'

NPR--Why education was a top voter priority this election...'

Education Week--Are Bus Driver Shortages So Bad They Require the National Guard? Why Leaders Made the Call...'

Chalkbeat--What role did schools play in N.J.’s surprisingly close governor’s race?...'

Education Dive--Bullying experts advise maintaining focus in 3 areas with students back in schools...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Yes, Virginia, there is a national implication, and education equity is at its heart...'

11-4-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Pediatric vaccination sites up and running in NJ...' NPR--The real role of education this Election Day...'

Education Week--Violence in Schools Seems to Be Increasing. Why?...'

Education Dive--For ed leaders, school-family relationships key to pandemic recovery...'

The Hechinger Report--Do fraught school board meetings offer a view of the future?...'

11-3-21 Education in the News
Education Week--All K-12 Students Can Now Get the COVID-19 Vaccine. Here’s What It Means for Schools...' Chalkbeat—Opinion:There aren’t enough men teaching elementary school. Here’s how we can change that — and why we must...'

The Atlantic—Opinion:Young Kids Can Get Vaccinated. The End of the Emergency Is in Sight...'

11-2-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Once cut, these schools get a boost in state aid...' NY Times—Opinion:We Need to Talk About an Off-Ramp for Masking at School...'

The Atlantic--America Has Lost the Plot on COVID We’re avoiding the hardest questions about living with the coronavirus long term...'

Education Week--The SEL Skills That May Matter Most for Academic Success: Curiosity and Persistence...'

11-1-21 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--As COVID-19 vaccines win approval, rollout ready for children NJ plans several options to get vaccines to children this week...'

Star Ledger--Doctors: Young athletes can still perform at their best while wearing a mask    Opinion...'

The Record--'Pandemic of mental health': Calls to children's hotline increase, especially before school hours...'

NY Times--Laugh at the S.N.L. School Board Skit, Take Your Local Politics Seriously...'

NPR--Your public school kid's lunch might be served on a pizza slice box. Here's why...'

Education Week--What Teachers Who Might Quit Are Really Thinking...'

Education Dive--2021 testing participation varies widely — what will data mean for districts?...'

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