8-14-19 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Plug Pension Hole By Curbing Traditional Plan? It May Not Be Best Strategy

Closing their so-called defined benefit plans to new workers has not worked out well in four states that tried it


John Reitmeyer | August 14, 2019



Star Ledger--Bulletproof backpacks are now available in N.J. stores

Christopher Wagner laid out a simple scenario.

“Imagine sitting around the dining room table before the first day of school and going over supplies,” he said. “Green is for math, red is for social studies, yellow is for grammar. And then saying, ‘This is a bullet-resistant backpack.’ I can’t fathom having a conversation with my kid about that.”


Bill Duhart | For NJ.com| Updated Aug 13, 12:42 PM; Posted Aug 13, 11:35 AM



The Record—Will NJ High Schools Want to Try Later Start Times?

Five schools will be part of a pilot program to start school at 8:30 am.  Will there be enough interest?


Hannan Adely| August 14, 2019