8-6-18 Education in the News

The Record—Special Needs Students at Risk Due to Gaps in Bus System

Special needs students are often bused from their home school system to another district, putting them at risk from a spotty system to check drivers.



Education Week--How Private Schools and Districts Partner Up on Special Education

Less than 2 percent of school-aged students with disabilities—about 85,000 of them in fall 2016—are enrolled by their parents in private schools, according to records maintained by the federal government.

But the education of those students, including their rights under federal law and the resources available to them, has taken on an outsized importance since Betsy DeVos was appointed U.S. secretary of education under the Trump administration.

DeVos is a strong supporter of school choice, including vouchers that would allow parents to use public funds to pay for tuition at private schools. Her detractors say that parents may not understand that taking a voucher means that their students lose individual rights to services that are available only to public school students.


Christina A. Samuels| August 2, 2018


CBS News--Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan says U.S. education system "not top 10 in anything"

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says that political decisions about education "don't reflect" a desire to have better schools and teachers, saying that Americans "never vote on education." In his new book "How Schools Work" out on Tuesday, writes that the American education system "runs on lies."

Emily Tillett CBS News August 5, 2018, 12:27 PM