6-25-19 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--‘Spike’ in Suicide Attempts by NJ Preteens, Girls Especially

As experts look for causes, some are considering social rather than biological determinants and possible link to rise in use of social media

New data from the New Jersey Poison Control Center shows preteen suicide attempts have risen at an alarming rate. Since January 2018, 100 New Jersey preteens have attempted suicide by drug overdose. In 2007, that figure was just 30


Caren Chesler | June 25, 2019



Education Week--At ISTE, a State-Level Push for Smart and Secure Data-Sharing


After urging ed-tech vendors and districts to sign pledges to support data “interoperability,” an advocacy group is taking it up a notch and asking entire states to make a similar commitment.

The effort is being pressed by Project Unicorn in collaboration with two state-level organizations. They’re asking states to become champions for interoperability, generally defined as the goal of promoting the smooth and secure sharing of data across different proprietary platforms.


Sean Cavanagh| Senior Editor| June 24, 2020



The Hechinger Report--OPINION: How educators can raise awareness of ‘daily indignities’ that disenfranchised communities endure

Helping students navigate relationships and overcome biases

Educators have a responsibility to prepare the next generation, find common ground with a diverse group of people and successfully shape the future.

When it comes to diversity education, schools have options.

Exposure to different perspectives early in life is key — challenging assumptions about social norms and understanding the links between everyday life and work. Ideally, the process begins in elementary school.


Michelle Mielly| June 25, 2019



Education Dive--Trump plan to re-calculate poverty level would affect school lunch, Head Start eligibility

One estimate says over 10 years, 100,000 students would no longer qualify for free school meals, and 300,000 children would lose health coverage through Medicaid or CHIP.

Child and education advocacy organizations are warning that a Trump administration plan to change how the federal poverty line is calculated could have negative and far-reaching effects on children in low-income families.


Linda Jacobson @lrj417| June 24, 2019