5-22-19 Education in the News

Asbury Park Press--Lakewood’s $20 Mil Private School Busing Body Renewed in Murphy Budget 

A single paragraph in the 592-page budget proposed by Governor Murphy keeps the Lakewood Student Transportation Authority intact for one more year.


Stacey Barchenger| May 22, 2019


The Atlantic—Editorial--Stop the Madness Over College Admissions

Applying to schools has become an endless chore—one that teaches students nothing about what really matters in higher education.

The crazed pursuit of college admissions helps no one thrive. And while the Varsity Blues admissions scandal shines a light on families that break the rules, it’s time to consider the unhappiness of families that play by them. While competition for seats may be inevitable, students scramble to do ever more to get into college—and give away more of their childhood to do so. This competition might seem a problem only for middle class and wealthy families. But students of modest means suffer most when applying to college becomes an endless list of tasks requiring time and other resources.


David Coleman| President and CEO of the College Board| May 22, 2019



Chalkbeat--Big staffing changes coming to Newark schools, as top-to-bottom overhaul begins

Major staffing changes are in store for the Newark school system.

As part of a long-planned district overhaul, Superintendent Roger León is cutting the positions held by dozens of vice principals and other administrators, while also bringing back a school management role that his predecessor eliminated. He is also hiring directors to lead more than a dozen central-office departments, including math, social studies, and bilingual education.


Patrick Wal| May 21, 2019l



Education Week--Tech Advances, Automation Fueling Employers' Demand for 'Soft Skills'

Attention to detail. Oral and written communication. Problem Solving. Resilience. Empathy. Integrity.

Skills like these are often known as "soft skills"—in contrast to things that sound more academically grounded, like computational ability or scientific reasoning. They aren't easy to capture on standardized tests, or even in grading.

But demand for these skills is rising fast, according to an analysis by Parker Dewey, an organization that connects college students with businesses for so-called "micro-internships." (short-term workplace-based learning experiences.)


Alyson Klein on May 21, 2019 12:39 PM