3-21-19 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Speakers at Budget Hearing Get Messages Across — Despite 3-Minute Clock

Students, parents, teachers explain how funding cuts will hurt districts, while those getting more cash celebrate new lease on educational life. Millionaire’s tax, other topics explored as well

Despite a proposed increase in overall funding for K-12 education, several school districts will see their state aid cut under Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2020. Yesterday parents, teachers, administrators, and students from many of those districts showed up in force in Trenton to make sure lawmakers understand how aid reductions would impact their lives.


 John Reitmeyer | March 21, 2019



NJ Spotlight--Explainer: This Is What’s in New Jersey’s Landmark Marijuana Bill

Some lawmakers say they haven’t been given enough time to study measure that would legalize marijuana in NJ. Here’s a comprehensive analysis of its contents


Carly Sitrin | March 21, 2019



NJ Spotlight--2017-2018 School Report Cards Track Police Involvement in Incidents

Violence and bullying most prevalent incidents. More than 150,000 instruction days lost statewide due to student suspensions


Colleen O'Dea | March 21, 2019



NJ Spotlight--Helping HS Students Kick Butts, Especially E-Cigarettes

Student smokers are far more likely to listen to their peers than to a lecture from parents and healthcare providers

Lawrenceville High School senior Katie Minera was passing out information about the dangers of tobacco to her fellow classmates in the cafeteria.

“I think just coming from another friend, another person the same age as you, it means a lot more,” Minera said.


Leah Mishkin | NJTV News | March 21, 2019



Chalkbeat--New teachers often get the students who are furthest behind — and that’s a problem for both

Being a new teacher is notoriously difficult — and schools often make it even tougher.

New research out of Los Angeles finds that teachers in their first few years end up in classrooms with more struggling students and in schools with fewer experienced colleagues, making their introduction to teaching all the more challenging.


Matt Barnum| March 20, 2019



Education Week--K-12 Cybersecurity Lessons Learned From 'Constant Barrage of Attacks'

  • When hackers struck one-third of North Dakota’s schools with a vicious malware attack last February, it highlighted the growing cyber threat facing America’s public-education sector—even in a state that’s ahead of the cybersecurity curve.



Benjamin Herold| March 19, 2019