11-9-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--School Elections: There Was More on Tuesday’s Ballot than the Midterms

In 500-plus districts across the state, voters weighed in on who would take seats on school boards. In districts with referenda, spending on security was the dominant issue

While the top of the ballot of the congressional midterm elections got all the attention on Tuesday, local school board elections and questions at the bottom of the ballot provided some interesting results as well.


John Mooney | November 9, 2018


Education Week--What Does Personalized Learning Mean? Whatever People Want It To

For some, such variety is reason for optimism. But others warn that loose definitions could lead to incoherence and ineffectiveness

Personalized learning has a big problem.

Inside America's schools, the term is used to mean just about anything.

Algorithm-driven playlists? Grouping students based on digital data? Letting teens design projects based on their personal interests? Adaptive software that adjusts to each student's skill level? Customized activities to help kids develop a growth mindset?

Check, check, check, check, check.


Benjamin Herold| November 6, 2018



The Atlantic--The Backlash Against Screen Time at School

Combining education and technology is great—until it's not.

Four years ago, Paul France left a teaching job in the Chicago suburbs to move to San Francisco and be part of the so-called personalized-learning revolution in education. He joined a high-profile start-up called AltSchool whose investors include Mark Zuckerberg and the venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. France was passionate about both education and technology and welcomed the opportunity to combine the two. But they would not prove to be as complementary as he thought.


Rob Waters| 11/9/18