11-5-18 Education in the News

The Record- Test Gains for Black, Hispanic and Other Students

Achievement gaps are narrowing on statewide math and language tests in New Jersey, as black, Hispanic and other students make the biggest gains.


The Record| November 2, 2018


Asbury Park Press—Shore Schools As Voters for More Money for Security, Facilities

Eight school districts in Monmouth and Ocean Counties will ask voters to fund new initiatives this year.  What is your child’s school requesting?


Asbury Park Press| November 5, 2018


Education Week--Even for Districts Leading Interoperability Push, Journey Is Just Beginning

For Highline Public Schools, the journey towards greater interoperability started in earnest about five years ago, the result of a dramatic influx of new classroom technologies and rising questions about how to safely and effectively make use of all the digital information they generated.

“You can’t have data from ten different systems coming together and expect a lay person to be able to read it without a common platform,” said Mark Finstrom, the chief technology officer for the 20,000-student district near Seattle. “I need data that is actionable.”


Benjamin Herold| October 30, 2018


The Atlantic--As Humanities Majors Decline, Colleges Try to Hype Up Their Programs

The Great Recession scared a lot of students away from the humanities. Now administrators are trying to bring them back.

Even as college students on the whole began to shun humanities majors over the past decade in favor of vocational majors in business and health, there was one group of holdouts: undergraduates at elite colleges and universities. That’s not the case anymore, and as a result, many colleges have become cheerleaders for their own humanities programs, launching promotional campaigns to make them more appealing to students.


Jeffrey Selingo|Nov 1, 2018