11-21-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Interactive Map: Teacher Salaries Grew More Last Year than in a Long Time

Average salaries for NJ public school teachers increased by just over 2 percent. Administrators saw somewhat bigger gains

As New Jersey’s economy continued to improve over the last year, the average salaries for New Jersey's public-school teachers and administrators rose at the highest rate in several years.


Colleen O'Dea | November 21, 2018



Star Ledger-- Cops stepping in after unpaid school security guards walk off the job

Days after a contract mix-up left kids in Trenton's public schools without the protection of security guards, Mayor Reed Gusciora held a press conference Tuesday saying school safety is a paramount concern for the city.


Olivia Rizzo| Updated Nov 20, 7:06 PM; Posted Nov 20, 7:05 PM


NY Times--This Grammar Guru Will Solve the World’s Problems

Or, at least, help you figure out when to use an Oxford comma.

Ellen Jovin was settling in at a collapsible table she’d set up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan last month when two little boys of around 4 and 5 approached her.

“What’s a gerund?” one of them asked.

Charmed, Ms. Jovin explained that a gerund is a verb that has become a noun after an -ing has been added to it. “Run” is a verb but “running” is a gerund, she told them.


Katherine Rosman| Nov. 20, 2018



Education Week--Rural Communities Test Ways to Hook Gifted Students

Carroll County, Va.

Sometimes, the only thing harder for Shanda Sinnett than finding academically bright students in her rural Virginia schools is figuring out how to keep them engaged in their communities as they grow.

"We want to teach them to appreciate where we are and what we have here in the county, but also to go off to college," said Sinnett, the gifted education coordinator for the Carroll County public schools. "If they went to college, then came back and started a business, that would be ideal."


Sarah D. Sparks|November 13, 2018