10-30-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--State Superior Court Hears Arguments in Lawsuit over School Testing

It could all come down to interpretation of a few words in case concerning replacement of old high school graduation exams with PARCC assessment

The New Jersey Department of Education is entangled in a lawsuit over graduation requirements for high school students, and it could all come down to the interpretation of three words: eleventh grade pupil.


Carly Sitrin | October 30, 2018



NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: ‘Yes’ to Ballot Question Will Help Vo-Techs, Colleges Fuel NJ Economy

Bond on November ballot would support programs that address the skills gap in New Jersey


Judy Savage and Aaron Fichtner | October 30, 2018



Chalkbeat--Private groups have long tried to help turnaround struggling schools. But it’s not clear if they’re doing any good.

School improvement programs have sprouted up around the country to help turn around long-struggling schools. And the money that comes with that has also spurred the growth of external groups offering their services to schools.


Matt Barnum| October 29, 2018



Education Week--Is America's Next Generation of Voters Ready for the Job?

Erin Mortensen and Leonardo DuPlooy can't wait to cast their first-ever votes this November—for very different reasons.

DuPlooy, a high school student in rural Hammond, La., wants to support candidates who will have President Donald Trump's back. Mortensen, a college student in Utah, is looking for a change in direction.


Alyson Klein| October 29, 2018

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