10-19-18 Education in the News


Associated Press (via Philadelphia Inquirer)--4 tax breaks for teachers

 The flood of education-related tax advice that seems to crest during back-to-school season often centers on students or their parents. But teachers can score a few tax breaks, too - if they do their homework. Three tax pros share their own lesson plans for cutting teachers' tax bills.


TINA OREM, The Associated Press| October 18, 2018 - 9:03 AM


Education Week--How Principals Can Banish Toxic Adult Behavior

Complainers. Freeloaders. Procrastinators. Backstabbers. Know-it-alls. Bullies.

Former principals Stephanie D.B. Johnson and Diane Watkins have seen them all in schools—and not just roaming the halls or slouching in the back of class.

Like any workplace, schools can be plagued by adult slackers or agitators who, whether intentionally or not, can sabotage morale and campus culture.

And principals, especially those new to the job, often need help dealing with those adults hiding in plain sight, working against principals' proposals and best-laid plans, the veteran educators say.


Corey Mitchell | October 16, 2018


Hartford Courant (via Education Week)--Educators Defend Dealings With Shooter in Sandy Hook Massacre

Two former Newtown educators are defending the school system’s work with a young Adam Lanza in a 22-page rebuttal handed to state senators Thursday, four years after the primary report on the childhood and schooling of the Sandy Hook shooter was released.


Josh Kovner, The Hartford Courant (Conn.)| October 18, 2018