1-9-19 Education in the News

Asbury Park Press—Lakewood Schools Get a $2M Security Boost

Governor Murphy signed a law Tuesday doubling funding for private school students, meaning about $2.2 million more will go to Lakewood schools


Stacey Barchanger and Hannan Adely| January 9, 2019


Education Week--Thousands of Copyrighted Works Will Now Be Freely Available to Teachers

Teachers—especially those of English or the arts—rely on famous works of literature, music, and film in their classes, copying and repurposing them to analyze with students.

But often, embedding these works in curricula to share with other teachers or making them available to students can raise questions about copyright: How much of an original movie or poem can a teacher include, and how widely can resources made with these materials be distributed?

As of Jan. 1, thousands of works are newly exempt from these questions. At the beginning of 2019, anything that was originally copyrighted in 1923 passed into the public domain—meaning that anyone can use and reprint it, free of charge and without permission. 


Sarah Schwartz on January 3, 2019 12:02 PM