8-30-17 Education in the News

The Atlantic-- What the Public Wants From Schools

An annual poll on national perceptions of education reveals an emphasis on services beyond traditional learning, such as mental-health support and career education.

When it comes to judging a school’s quality, what matters most? A new poll suggests the American public puts a premium on offerings outside of traditional academics, including career-focused education, developing students’ interpersonal skills, and providing after-school programs and mental-health care.

At the same time, even as local schools were generally viewed favorably in the national survey, parents said they would consider taking advantage of vouchers for private or religious schools if the price was right.

And while parents said they favored schools that were economically and racially diverse, a majority were unwilling to have their child endure a longer commute to attend a less-homogeneous campus.


Emily Richmond| Aug 29, 2017