10-10-17 Education in the News

Education Week--Learning How to Learn Could Be a Student's Most Valuable Skill

In a fast-changing workplace, the ability to acquire new knowledge is a valued skill

When it comes to helping new high school graduates succeed Southwest Baptist University's Jodi Meadows knows that sometimes you have to start from scratch. Even some of her top college freshmen, she says, never really had to hit the books in high school. They've had most learning experiences, from group work to quizzes, structured by their teachers, and don't know how to learn things on their own.

"Generally speaking, most students I encounter have spent almost zero time studying outside of class in high school," said Meadows, an assistant professor of university studies, at the Missouri school. "Well, here, the days of worksheets are over, and super-structured objective assessments are over. We have a different kind of learning here. You want to be able to evaluate, assess, and create, not just recall."


Stephen Sawchuk| September 26, 2017 | Corrected: September 28, 2017

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