1-24-18 Education in the News

Star Ledger--Your school district has a way to lower your taxes but not all are taking advantage

Legislators called it an “outside of the box” idea.  

Superintendents said it would help release them from their ‘financial shackles.”

School board presidents hoped more businesses would catch on.

Advertising on school buses may have sounded like a great idea to many when it was made legal in New Jersey seven years ago, but state records show that fewer than 25 school districts — about 3.5 percent of all districts in the state — have taken advantage of it in the past three years. Between the 2014 and 2016 school years, only about $100,000 in revenue was made, state records show.

So why isn’t it working?


Caitlyn Stulpin | For NJ.com| Posted January 23, 2018 at 07:46 AM | Updated January 23, 2018 at 11:47 AM


Star Ledger--See how your public school scores in N.J.'s newest (and hidden) ratings

In a trendy but controversial new rating system, New Jersey education officials have for the first time assigned a score of 1 to 100 to each of the state's more than 2,000 public schools.

But if you missed the score in the state's release of annual school report cards this month, you're not alone.


Adam Clark and Carla Astudillo| Updated Jan 23, 3:52 PM; Posted Jan 23, 7:46 AM