2-17-16 State Budget Information for Education

Total education budget = 13.3B which is 548M more than FY’16.

(The 13.3B total includes pension and health benefits and school construction debt service>)

State Aid numbers released in 2 days  (Feburuary 18) along wit Education Adequacy/revised weights


Additional Direct State Aid +94.3M (total 9.1B) - Every district gets funding increase

SFRA formula (prorated) is being run for first time in several years - enrollments and wealth factors updated

Equalization aid = 6.09B

            Transportation aid = + 6M

Security Aid = + 4M

Spec Education Categorical aid =  + 6.3 (now total + 770M)


Extraordinary Special Education aid = +5M (to 170M)

Choice aid = + 1.2M

Preschool = remains the same at 655M

All school districts get $10 per pupil to help establish professional learning communities = 13.5M

New categorical aid for 'Host' districts where charter schools have greatly increased = 25.9M